06 December 2007

here goes

For the confused in Canada too! My house has been the best part and office space not homely at all, all the furniture was Phills so when he moved out the house was empty. Great opportunity to decorate I thought, plus I had to then buy all new furniture as well.

Moved Phill which took 2 days, lots of lifting and man was it heavy I had the filing cabinet fall on me crushing me and bruising my legs, several bruises and scratches up my arms and legs too. It was just me and him moving, but what he forgets is that a woman has bumps on her chest so not as easy at one point he moved and I thought my left nipple had been ripped off!

Anyway I then stayed at his new house, which is lovely btw so big and wonderful with a great garden, will make a wonderful family home! Then we went and collected some stuff from his mums house, also saw a bed and mattress for me so bought that and that went in the huge van we had hired!

Then the decorating, it all had to be done, walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors, skirting's..I dislike decorating and it took 5 days to do the whole lot! We had help for 2 of them days from a friend who I will thank by cooking dinner for sat night.

One day was spent at Ikea to buy the rest of my furniture I had to get everything from sofa to cabinets, cutlery, plates, cups, glasses, rugs, towels, duvet, pillows, lights, tv, you name it I had to buy it (thats what savings are for).

Then its make all the stuff put it in place and do the fancy touches ha ha. It looks really great and Im happy now to come home, before it got me down a bit as was in real need of decorating. Plus I now have all the stuff I need for a new home if I ever move!

Just sorted out hogs, Alan is now 740g's!!! Ruby is 450g's!!! Still thinking about what to do with them, Alan has been getting a bit restless but ive just taken his bed out and replaced with half a bale of fresh hay so he will be busy making a new cosy nest. Ruby is just adorable even though I still have to have her in the bedroom which does keep me awake! She will goto the shed soon, which will be better for her and for me......not sure if I was so lucky to have a man folk in my new bed they would like to be watched by a hog...ha ha!!!

Apart from that and eating countless ready made meals (yuck) havnt done a great deal else. Oh Phill and I did have a major row yesterday and we arnt happy with one an another, I am sure we will sort it out but he really did upset me.

Right, lets see what you lot have been up too!


oldcrow61 said...

Your new space sounds wonderful Nic. I'm so happy for you. Sorry to hear about the "cough, cough" nipple incident. Must have been painful.

Anonymous said...

well that's very nice

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i forgot to say " Phill is a pill." (in my opinion.)

Jan said...

Glad you are getting your home as you want it nic. When Barry and I split up, we shared most of our stuff, because we had bought it together in the first place, I guess that wasn't the case with you and Phill then. Mind you, I did let him have a larger share of it, cos I wanted new things too! ;)

Janine said...

Ooh wanna see pics of new decor. Glad youre back up and running. I was confused in Florida too. I had to ask Pete if you had moved, lol.

st said...

DON'T Print,

Hope your happy in your'new home'.
Enjoy the feeling, that the space is yours.
AND make the most of it.