30 April 2006

Bath time!!

As promised some photos of the flowering cherry and crab apple. Have been pottering about in the garden most of the day. I have planted up a few shrubs and the rose bush. It is a wild garden but is semi - controlled. I have cut back some of the nettles, mainly where the hogs go to and from gardens. Also I have cut back some of the bramble as that goes mad if I dont keep a check on it. Now I have streaming eyes and my nose and ears are blocked up, so Im going down the shop to get some hog chicken then I might watch a film

29 April 2006

J & G

For some reason unknown to me I am forever apologising to complete strangers about any defect that I have. For instance I went to another branch today as they were short. Being taken out of my comfort zone isnt a problem as such..only when it comes to J & G. Confused? Ok I will explain.

I have a problem recognising the letters (a nightmare on word verification I can tell you) So when some one says to me their name of anything that starts with a J or G im hovering over the keyboard for a good few minutes sounding it out in my head, or I write it down so I can get the right one. Not a problem normally as most people who I come into contact with on a daily basis know this. Today however it was a nightmare as there were lots of J & G's. This got me into many a fluster and apologising for my lack of J & G recognition, for which I got many a confused look.

Apart from that been and ok day, wasnt particularly busy for a Saturday, dont think I was really needed. As I was in town I decided to do my shopping in Tescos. I dont normally shop there as it is always so busy but just wanted to get it out of the way. So many screaming kids and adults though, I was soon feeling like I was about to have a panic attack. Resisting the urge to leave my trolley and run out the store screaming, I did finish the shopping and got a taxi home.

Now I have a pile of post to open and cheques to pay in for the business. P11d/b is still waiting as are the P60's. Trip to the coast is off, so im going to do some work in the garden and hopefully clean out the hog boxes. Oh and I still need to go shopping as the chicken in tescos didnt look that good, fussy hogs here will turn their noses up at it Im sure.

28 April 2006




Cut off day today, and the system at work has gone down so I have no working PC...


Im on top of a building..I dont know why I am up there (especially as Im not fond of heights) Quite a tall building too I keep looking down thinking what on earth am I doing up here. Strangely I kept being drawn to the side and looking over was very windy up there too. Suddenly there were 2 helicopters above my head whirring around some-one in there was shouting "she is going to jump"..I thought to myself no Im not, but why am I up here. They then proceeded to start to shoot at me. So I ran and found some stairs, started my decent down the stairs, running as fast as I can so fast Im missing out stairs as I go. The stairs are endless and more and more and more appear, I keep thinking I must be at ground level now, but there are just more stairs. I bolt out a door and Im back on the top of the building again, the helicopters are still there shooting at me. Some are out and on the building too. Im running away closer to the edge there is no where else to go..Im falling...

Then thankfully I woke up, one of those bolt up in bed awakenings, my dreams can be so frustrating at times.

YIPPEE ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Think today is going to be pretty hard, everyone will suddenly remember that it is bank holiday this coming Monday, so expect a harassed and knackered me when I come home

27 April 2006

Im trying to decide what to do this bank holiday weekend, but all I can think about is sleeping. Not sure why as Ive been ok at sleeping of late. I have been getting some thumping headaches though and today my eyes have been streaming I look like im permanently crying, now they are sore and itchy from where I have been rubbing them....

Found out today I will be getting my rating in mid May (another thing to look forward to) not sure what it is going to be as yet, plus it has all changed the way that it is done so will have to wait and see on that one.

Part from that im feeling ok, not up or down just ok which I suppose is good too. Maybe I will see what the train timetables are like to the coast, maybe some sea air will do me some good..

Well Ickles back YAY! Really pleased he made it through the winter, got much better view on the cam last night so can confirm this is Ickle. Quite a lot of hog activity last night as it was warmer. They are also starting to go on longer walks, just hope they stay out of trouble.

2 days til 1/2 year, well 3 including Saturday, then I can just relax for the rest of the bank holiday w/e. Come Tuesday start worrying again about the next 1/2 year!! Problem is Im in one of those moods where I cant really be bothered with it all. Not good, but Im struggling to even finish this finish getting ready and goto work, what I would love to do is get back into bed and snuggle up with the duvet for a good few hours...Oh well I will give myself a good talking to on the way to work...

26 April 2006

What a lovely sunny morning I awoke to..the starlings are queuing up behind the jackdaw to get to the table, they dont look very happy as he is eating "their" food!

I feel very washed out this week, with little energy. I had a work thing last night which meant I didnt get home while late, I won an award too! I am just looking forward to some rest this bank holiday, although I have volunteered to work on Saturday, only half a day, should be busy so therefore the time will pass quickly.

Well id best be off to work..another day...

25 April 2006

Well this did start out as another post, but Ive decided not to carry on with that one, this will sound confusing to some but not to others..sorry but not worth the blog space...

So 3 hogs Yay...need a new female name starting with J! Its a theme!!

YAY 3 hogs are now back..this little hog likes to pooh in the bowl! Thought I had another back last night when I went out this morning and found a nice little parcel waiting for me. Well whilst jill was out doing her exercise Jack found the new hog. I was outside watching Jill and heard a lot of huffing and puffing, so took the torch and went had a look and there they both were...bit further on from holding hands too. I left them to it......more box building at the w/e for me!!!

Its oh so quiet.....Phill left about 4 am this morning so now I have to get used to being on my own again, in some ways it will be nice to get back into a routine but in many ways I will miss the company.

Ive just topped up the table much to the starlings delight and cleaned out a nice present left by one of the hogs in their food bowl..NICE!! 4 days til half year, we arnt exactly where we need to be either oh dear. Have a work thing to later today so wont be home on time. Still Ive done some of the chores now so Im not in a mad rush panic when I do get home.

24 April 2006

hmmmm cant find a translator in Turkish....darn it. I hate not knowing stuff drives me mad, this will keep me up all night now!!!!

hmmmm cant find a translator in Turkish....darn it. I hate not knowing stuff drives me mad, this will keep me up all night now!!!!

Was looking at the map stats this morning (yes im sad) and one good thing about them is that it shows where the visitor was referred from. Had a quick look this morning and there was one from turkey.. I looked at the Turkish blog is was referred from, scrolled down and there was one of my photos, with a mention of my blog. My Turkish isnt good so Im looking for a translator programme so I can see what has bee written!


If you scroll half way down you will see a picture of the churchyard I took..I dont mind seeing my photos on other blogs and he has kindly put a link...whats getting me is I dont understand what he has written on his blog.......Any ideas??

23 April 2006

Just a couple of shots from last night. Was mild and damp last night so hoggies were more out hunting rather than eating in. Still at least I know they have a meal before they are out and about.

Even more of a lazy day today, read the papers did some washing, but no great exertion. Weathers been miserable to. Numbers of greenfinches seem to be on the increase here as well as goldfinches (good job I got some more sunflower hearts)

Well its back to work again tomorrow and only 5 days left to half year.......gulp! Lots of pressure this week, few late nights too. Personally cant wait til 1/2 year has ended. Ho hum we will see where we are at the end of this week...

22 April 2006

well after a very late night chatting, was an easy day today...

We walked to the garden centre as I had run out of sunflower hearts, its about a 20 min walk. Along the way you can only walk along one side of the road. Unfortunately some very selfish people in their cars had parked all on the pavement now for us we could walk along the side of the cars, but if you had a pushchair or wheelchair you would have to take your life into your own hands and walk in the road...this angered phill immensely and he was searching his phone to call the local police whilst angrily squeezing past the cars. I try to keep him calm but this kind of thing really winds him up.

After that off to waitrose (he paid) stopped at cash point and girl took out her gum and threw it on the floor, she was stood right next to the bin! Lots of loud remarks from Phill about the bin, she heard but didnt say anything...

Feels like he has never been away really. Oh he said I cant have a jigsaw until I can use a normal saw, also the circular saw is a no no... He said the hammer I bought wasnt a very good hammer either, I offered to hit him with it to show how good it is :)

21 April 2006

Im just too honest. Bought a bottle of wine from waitrose she was having problems with the till. As it scanned I noticed on the price thing it didnt come up with the wine. Now I think to myself ah she will notice and re-scan it..I wait she doesnt...Arrghhhh what do I do...erm dont think that wine scanned.."Yes it did go through" she says...crap at this point shall I stay quiet? Do I stay quiet? NOOOOOOOOOO..."erm do you want to check? I dont think it did go through", she replied "yes it went through". Arrrghhhhhh "look check the roll thing I am sure it hasnt gone through (why am I not just keeping quiet?). She checks..."oh it hasnt gone through, must have missed it".

I hand bottle back its then scanned and Im a fiver worse off :( Still I will be rewarded in heaven or less punished in hell which ever one I end up in..

I seem to be getting better at this morning lark, havnt over slept for ages now, this morning I have also managed to put a load of washing in and dusted!! Maybe I will one day be a domesticated type!!

My boss has been on holidays this week which means I have to report in daily to another boss, plus my old boss has been ringing too!! Just got text from present boss...soo many bosses no wonder I get them all confused. Still its Friday so no more reporting to other bosses after today...

Found out last night that Phill is home for the w/e, well until Tuesday. He is in France at the moment but not doing anything until Tuesday when he has to goto Paris! Looking forward to seeing him. The grass needs cutting, other tap needs washer changing......

20 April 2006

Well Im not going to say much about the last couple of days..Im feeling better in as much as I not crying for no reason at all and Im not putting myself under pressure for the same thing..getting better avoiding the docs and just trying to get my head straight...end

Hog news neither hogs slept over last night, but both been here tonight. Jill was out in the car park, but I dont like her being there so I went out and spoke to her stroked her spikes she just kept looking up at me, didnt ball at all. I took her some seeds out which she was eating but she still wouldnt move (now the carpark is never busy at night, last car comes in about 6pm (not that im out there looking) but I still worry). Didnt have any gloves to hand so just gently lifted her and moved her away to the wall and gave her some more food which she started to eat again. Thinks drat could have marked her but not being a girly girl dont have any nail polish in the house. Now you would think she would be bothered but didnt phase her at all, think it helps as they will recognise my smell on the food and if you talk to them gently they dont seem happier. From her size I would say she is one of last years..

So still hope for some hoglets this year and lots more birds! Magpie this morning seemed to be chasing the Jay away..squirrel is still feeding from the table and not his own feeder, guess Im going to have to get tougher!!

Just a few messages..firstly thanks for all of your kind words and support really has meant a lot to me

Pete have a fantastic holiday and dont forget my postcard..
Boo dont forget we have a deal
Jan dont go mad on ebay!!
Oh and Pauline...happy birthday for tomorrow x

18 April 2006

I might not be around for a bit to update the blog..Im ok just need a break...so will update soon... Im thankful to those who care too, but Im ok just need to cocoon for a bit, sure it wont be long and I will be back on track...not meaning to be rude but im not up for chatting..sorry

Listening to turin breaks watching the hogs and about the 5th time ive edited this post so am gonna leave it now...

The working week is now here!!! I had very strange dreams last night, I was back at school and behind on all my course work and was having to have extra lessons, at one point I even threatened to leave school..Odd this led to waking up several times, so a wee bit sleepy this morning!

Not much chance of being home today before midnight either!!!! So will catch up another time....

17 April 2006

Now paul weller is a chap I can listen too over and over again, at the moment its "you do something to me" now that says miles to me, the lyrics just ring out to me..past present and no doubt future..when you listen to the words of the song its full of hope yet regret and lost love. Its that feeling when there is some-one that can just raise you with a smile or a word, yet can also crush you too, to be fair they probably dont even know.

Now Chilli Peppers..under the bridge another cracking track...best listened to in the car, dont ask me why!! Just reminds me of driving... In fact the whole album is very worth while to listen too. Clever lyrics again with a toe tapping melody. Aldo good for belting out!!

Ah talking heads, the lady dont mind...nice track too, but not what im looking for tonight..

Oh old fave Van Morrison, now thats more like it...moondance lovely song...ah "it stoned me" another great track lots and lots of memories for this one. Thing is music evokes more memories for me than photos do..I can look through photos and tell you what I was listening to at the time!! "cleaning windows" now this has associated memories. Phill and I used to spend some nights listening to music, now I could tell you right now the tracks he would play, I even know what he wants at his funeral!! This track is one he would always play, his eyes would close and would goto that place that only music can take you..

Ah house of the rising sun by the animals, cambridge days this one, the album is good too some bluesy tracks on it. This song is also a belter just close your eyes and sing as loud as you can!

Oh dear Im rambling again. Im just feeling a bit sensitive at the moment, must be the moon or something. Im anxious about how Im up and down at the moment which can change in an hour, I need to get it stable as its not good. If I can find that even keel Im sure I will be fine, oh well tomorrow is a new day and all that


Just going into his house!

Well no more sightings of the Jay, although it may be due to the fact that this little fella has been pinching his nuts for most of the day.

We have had several chats about him feeding from his own dish..Look at him here he thinks if he hides I wont be able to see him!!
Few birdy shots too, although for the most part I had the camera lined up for the Jay, so missed most of the other birds.

Aw one of my favourite birds

Not quite sure whether the blue tit is trying to do the splits here!!
I wonder why she looks so sad?
Again the pesky thing is on the table. He has also had a go at breaking the nut feeder too today...I wouldnt mind but he gets his own food!!!

I have had a productive day some hardwork in the morning and a little relaxing snapping time in the afternoon. Yet I feel quite on edge for some reason. It might just be that the next 9 days at work Im going to have to slog my guts out, plus Im on my own which is always fun!!! I feel I could scream all the frustration out of me then scream some more......and then some more...ah well it can only get better in due course

Oh what a busy Morrrnnninnnnng

Was like a whirl wind....cleaned house, 2 loads of washing, cleaned bird feeders and bath, cut the lawn (think I woke the neighbours up) cleaned hog area, sorted out recycling.

Jay was here again this morning possibly 2 of them. Also had 2 male blackcaps. So plans this afternoon, well Im going to set up the camera and see what photos I can get....

16 April 2006

Due to the fact that I had a couple of hours snoozing this afternoon (I was tired) Im now wide awake again. I have been sleeping better but I must try and stop sleeping in the afternoon as it does crush all my hardwork of a normal sleep pattern. I always have some really weird dreams in the afternoon too and this afternoon wasnt any different, I can remember some bits but not a whole lot of them but I know that it was odd and I woke up wondering if it was all real or not?

Hogs are quiet tonight, not seen much of them at all really, just use this place as an hotel!! Still if they are off making hoglets them Im happy for them

5 things that are currently annoying me..

1. The way I shorten words, ie pictures are pics, ok is k...this is lazy typing which is also spilling out into everyday speak so I must make an effort

2. I wont mow the lawn if the neighbours are in...as they can see me out their window, flip side to that I dont mind them seeing me out at night with a torch looking for hogs.

Oh hog just showed up on cam..its Jill, wonder where Jack is?

3. My phobia about hair dressers. Now my hair is getting too long again, I really want to get it cut. However takes me about 6 months to build the courage to go. Dont ask me why, something about the mirrors and the scissor. Although I do like having my hair washed and head massaged...nice

4. Bad manners, think I have mentioned this before, but Im sick and tired of standing out the way or holding a door open and getting no response. It has got to the point now that I even say LOUDLY "YOUR WELCOME"

5. Im too sensitive

Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Ok its normally a later visit in tbe summer that I come here, for the flutterbies and the dragonflies. As a change I thought I would make a spring visit instead.

If you needed more evidence that spring is with us then you need look no further the blossom is stunning on the tress, magnificent whites, pinks and purples.

The daffs are out too in vast numbers, in the borders and through out. It was odd though not to see more in bloom for me, I guess as I am used to being a summer visitor, when the roses are in bloom too

The scented garden was surprisingly scented too. Lots of herbs just starting to awake too

Not much wildlife though it has to be said. However was fairly busy with lots of screaming little dears chasing around on easter egg hunts (I looked but didnt find any).
Lots of birdsong and saw quite a few teaspoons, oh and a very speedy ladybug!!
So all in all am I disappointed I went in Spring? Erm yes and no really. The weather was fairly cloudy and it did rain. Not many insects about either. However the spring flowers were beautiful...

I will of course have to go back again....

Well after a busy day I feel kinda..flat. Not sure why as I got all the jobs done I needed to plus went to sainsburys using my nectar points got a bargain. Taxi back cost a fiver but the driver did bring all the bags to the house, no way would I have managed to carry them all home!

Tonight I watched on dvd..dirty dancing 1 & 2, now I know what you will say, however its a feel good film and I like it! I havnt watched matrix for a while so I may put that on whilst Im in bed. Hogs have been up but its quite cold again out there, ive got 3 layers on, talking of which got my winter gas bill in £72, not sure if thats good or not really?

So why do I feel flat? I sometimes think I try to analyse far too much into how Im feeling and why but then sometimes I dont either...oh Im an odd muppet. Anyway still planning trip to Cambridge tomorrow so that will be good...Oh forgot to say...Jay on the table..hope to see some more tomorrow, so expect lots of pics then...

15 April 2006

No more drips!!

Ok it went like this...changed into tap fixing attire, got all tools out that I thought I would need. Looked at the offending tap through slit eyes as I knew he had, had his last drip. How do you get a tap off..thinks tried turning it nope that doesnt work, ok what if I try to prise it off with the screwdriver, nope but I nearly take my eye out..think it cant be that difficult. Looked at the other tap, oh the top bit comes off. Go back to offending tap flip the top bit off, oh yes there is a screw!

Wheres the cross head, search house (ah this is why Im told off for not putting things back where they live). Ok got it, undo screw, take the plastic bit out, hmm a spindle type thing is there. Oh get the spanner that has that adjusting thing on. Oh by the way I have switched off the water before starting.

Take out spindle thing. Doesnt look much wrong with it to me, but who am I to know. Ok off to B&Q. On the way think I wonder if you can replace the whole thing that might be easier. Get to the plumbing aisle and immediately confused, although I do see a leaflet with instructions on how to change a tap washer!!!

Ask an assistant..."no we dont do them" oh ok, decide to leave as the shop is heaving and the queues out the door. Go other road to builders merchant (how brave am I) Ask again for replacement spindly thing, young lad looks at me with almost sympathy in his eyes, mentioned plumber a few times. They didnt have the spindly things either so I ask him to pick me out some washers and Im away home.

Well Ive just put it all back together again. Switched on water and.............silence!! NO DRIPPING WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! How chuffed am I with myself.. Wondering now what other jobs I can tackle!!

Just reviewing last nights playback....

Despite numerous attempts, she is still having none of it, in the end she was quite harsh with him and he went off to bed! Oh who would be a hog!!! I will put a link on the blog for the video clips too..

Oh trip to Cambridge postponed til tomorrow, when I got up this morning the weather look miserable, so will go Sunday. Today Im going to get the jobs done round the house. On goes the tool belt!!!!