31 August 2007


As I have to get to the docs this morning to pick up my scrip and as normal I have been dillying about busy doing not much! Well its Friday which means two more days at work then im off! No still haven't decided what to do on that at the moment, friend of mine is happy im not going as it means I will be here for my birthday, not that im keen on that!

What was I going to say..oh yeah la la update she is still feeding each night, which is great, there is a god awful mess in the box this morning, ive cleaned out a lot but will have to do the rest later, wish they wouldn't poo in there, lovely to do that first thing in the morning!!!

Best run...

30 August 2007

walk walk walk

A lady I work with 3 years (coming up) ago, got burnt by a fire work, she was in the kitchen at the time, when a fire work went wrong came through the back door, heading towards her daughter. Of course she got in the way and it badly burnt her chest and neck. Well being the brave soul that she is she has got over it, she doesnt have a lot of luck bless her and she now has to have about 10 operations to sort it all out, including a boob reduction and lift!

Anyway, she has been down of late, over the ops and the fact she has put weight on, so ive been trying to help her out with the diet issues, saying whats best to eat and whats not. She really wants to go to the gym, but I think that it will be too much for her chest as it will really stretch it and think it will hurt her. Sooooo we are now walking two miles twice a week, did the first walk tonight, not too far or fast as she hasnt done any exercise for some while so it would be a shock to her legs!

This means more walking for me which is cool, plus will give me a buzz to see that she is loosing weight, getting fit and generally feeling better in herself!

29 August 2007


....Ive added a new link to a fellow hog person, now thats not that Ali is only about hogs! Dont think that she will mind, but its not often that I do meet people on my level (thats not an insult), but some one who not only cares about hogs, but is a genuine person, thats important. Anyway, have a look at her blog!

What else, well just been outside and dids is in the garden, he has 2 choices of where he can eat now, sit in restaurant or take away....you think Im kidding! They are eating better than ever! You can really tell in their poo, which they kindly leave for me to clean up, 7am in the morning shovelling poo, I must be madder than a mad thing on a mad day!

What else?..still no joy on holiday, decided to decided on the saturday night, that way, its either book it or uhm ****** it!

Work is still cool, so nice to be stress less, well less stressful at work, has really made a difference in how I am feeling too. Some times you dont realise the pressure you are under until that pressure is lifted.

Some more about Friday, lets just say there was four of us in an hotel room......enough said, but I did come home with honour in tact! Actually it was such a laugh that night, love nights like that, where something is made from not much. It does remind me of when I was in my teens, doing stuff like that, not harmful but bloody funny! See I am going through a mid life crisis! It almost feels like ive been asleep for a few years and now im waking up.

Well best wind this up...

Is it Monday??

Uhm no, but back to work today....now I will get really confused! Still nice short week then im on hols, talking of which I can not find a holiday to where I want to go. I have looked at other ones, but they just arnt the same, now Im wondering whether to postpone until a bit later, I have plenty of holiday left..decisions decisions...

La la (hog I released) came back again last night she has found the food so hopefully she will stick about, but I do hope that she doesnt have a late litter, although if the weather man is right we are set for a mild time now, so think there will be lots of late babies about. My baby is still about, called him Dids as he is small, he has taken up one of the boxes too which is cool, not sure he has ventured out the garden as yet, which is also cool! Ali made a very good point about the hogs will now be protected, but that shouldnt stop the interaction we have now, I really do not know what they will be able to do. There is lots I would like them to do, one thing ban slug pelletts, which will make the slugs happy! I dont know what will happen, I will carry on doing what I can to help them thats for sure.

Phillip has been offered a job in Quatar, looks a nice place but he is unsure. I dont think that it will be the right move for them as he will have to work for some one and do lots of hours, he will never get any family time, not sure that he is too keen either, we will see. The house is still going ahead though, so soon I shall have my house back, for wild parties and nights of naughtiness...ha ha ha ha!!

Well best be off, man is moaning at me as I am going to be late again!

28 August 2007

Its about time

although im unsure as to what this will actually mean


27 August 2007

where to begin!

Blimey that's 4 days over in a blink! As I thought Friday was a bit of a mad one, first one with out having work the next day, enough said I wasnt home til 7 am! or was it 7.30? Anyway apart from having a very scarier man threaten me with the police and newspapers...I have no idea why! Oh he also told me he had morals, this was after telling me if wanted to uhm do some thing to me I wont mention on here! Luckily I was rescued and it didn't spoil the rest of the night! It has made me think though that if something is meant to be then it will be. I kinda really like some one and its tough on me at points, but I dunno, if its meant to be then it will be, no point worrying about it!

Uhm Saturday was spent chilling out, lack of sleep and all that! Sunday got the house straight and some other stuff. Today Derrek came over with the mum I rescued, she has stopped feeding the babies so he bought her back to be released. Ive been up and down for the last hour seeing if she is up yet!

There is so much more I could say, but I need to crack on and book me holiday!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!!

24 August 2007

I cant wait...

.....for the weekend to be here!! WHoooooo hooooooo its friday and at 5 pm I will have 4 days off YAY!!!!

Last night one of my girl hogs had to come in as she has an infected toe, looks like she has caught her nail and it has been pulled out, the toe is quite swollen poor thing. I have cleaned it all up but let her go as I cant take the risk that she might have babes some where. She is a big hog and in good condition so am sure she can fight it, I will catch again in two days and clean it again. It is really difficult to handle them when they are big as they are very strong too, not so bad when you are treating the back, but try and get a leg is so hard, luckily she responded to the hold her nose down trick as her little legs kept popping out and was able to put my fingers under her leg and with the help of looking in the mirror could clean it all up. Too be fair it doesn't look to bad, but will keep cleaning as I would hate it the flies were to get at her, not that, that is likely but its in my head so I will worry about it.

Busy weekend ahead, oh last night went for an italian, it was lovely I ate far too much as normal but yum yum yum yum. Got a few things I could do tonight and I cant make up my mind as normal...will think on that today!!!

23 August 2007

daft hogs

Last night I was looking in the hog feeding box and there was a hog in there from 9pm to when I went to bed. I did a quick check over and he was fine. Phillip says I was worrying too much and it was because it was blowing a gale and raining that he was staying in there and snoozing! Suppose thats right after all there is lots of nice food in there and its dry and warm! Also there was a hoglet in there with him when I went to bed...awwwwww

Oh we have found another house! This one is perfect, spooky though! Night before last I was looking at houses on the net and saw one that I thought looked really nice, it was on at £240 3 beds, garage etc. I said to phill too get the details and arrange a viewing.

He called me yesterday at work to say that an agent had called him to look at the same house! Went there and it was lovely, had such a good feeling walking in there. As it turns out, we arnt even registered with that agent! How did he get our number! Plus the house is different to the one I looked at, yet on the same road, plus its on at £210 a steal! He is under orders from Sveta to put in an offer today! I dont want them missing out on this one as I really think that there are too many signs saying this is the one! It will be a great family home for them.

Well best shoot, long day today, then im out for dinner tonight, still not sure if I really want to go, but will as it should be fun!

22 August 2007

Hog Babies update

Look how they have grown!!!!

he he

......remember girls what we said we would do today!!!!

Blimey its a bit windy out there this morning I am going to be blown to work I reckon, still should stop me from being late for a change! I do hope the weather is nice for the bank holiday I have 4 days off..WHOO HOOO! Not sure of plans as yet, well I know what will be happening Friday night and Saturday morning, but thats it as yet. I dont like to make too many plans as they never come off, so will play it by ear. There are a few things that I would like to do though.

Lots of things here change every day, the house building plans might not happen now as the figures dont really stack up enough in the right way. However it means that other projects can now get underway. Im really excited as I am going to be doing some thing very positive for my future. I dont really have a plan for retirement, not enough savings etc, but this will really make the difference.

It was really great having a natter with you all last night (those that were there) I do miss it, I will try to get on more often at the moment things are pretty calm so should be able to do so. You ladies have a wicked sense of humour and I laughed a lot! Well best get arse in motion....have a wicked Wednesday now, I will be asking for reports later ; )

21 August 2007

Credit card hunt!

Its a bit like Easter but with no chocolate! My current 0% deal is coming to an end, the money is there to pay in full so it wont be a switching deal, but now I need a new 0% on purchases card and I need one quick! I want to put the holiday on it if possible as it frees up my cash to do other stuff with.

Lots of people say to me that credit cards are bad, my simple reply is always, it depends on how you manage them. Ive had several now that I have benefited by having 0% interest for 12 months. This way I can get something, know I have enough money in the bank to pay it (I don't live beyond my means) but that is in my savings earning me money! My every day credit card gets paid off in full at the end of each month and all large purchases will go on a credit card as it offers you much more protection that a debit card or cash will.

Just done a quick search and seen a hsbc on 0% for 12 months....that will do me!!!

20 August 2007

oh dear

I over slept this morning, due to the fact that I was up very early with a poorley tummy, im late now, but thats ok as phill is going to take me into work. I should be just a few minutes late, not much!

Hoop and ball tonight, looking forward to that, also going to ask about some personal training sessions to really start toning up. Stop the bits of me moving on their own accord!!!

I should wrap this up before I start on a long post again and get arse into gear. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

19 August 2007

one more before bed...

Have to share this

I know not all of you will click the music links, but trust me this is soooo coooool!

Just playing

Just been playing with a few shots I took today of phills bike, what I really wanted was for him to be riding it so I could get some movement. However due to the weather and it being a Sunday (day of news papers and drinking wine!) it wasn't to happen. I will though when the weather brightens up as I wouldn't have been able to get a fast enough shutter speed. Not sure what I think of what I have done with them, its very different to the other photos I have taken, still I quite like the effect on some of them.

18 August 2007

few ramblings..

I’m feeling rather philosophical today, nowt to do with the late night I had last night drinking wine and talking crap as usual! Think it is one of my favourite things, not the so much the drinking of wine, but drink does lower people’s inhibitions and they will talk more openly. You do get to know more about the person as they are relaxed and are not thinking about how they will be perceived or worried about being judged! In many ways (if done sensibly) it’s a great leveller.
This has got me thinking today how we are all scared to show our real selves, we hide behind what we think we should be how society dictates what we should be like. Of course there are some that do not give a toss and are who they are, but then we look at them as if they are strange. What are we so scared of? We are all odd in our own individual way, why can’t we just show that. Why do we worry when we are told that someone is coming round our house, manically cleaning up? I tell you why from the female side; we are turning into our mothers!

Personally I like a clean house, a short while ago though I would have been one of them mad women rushing round to clean up if I knew of an impending visit. Now I just think hey take me as I am. Yeah there might be a cup still in the sink and my washing on the line, but that me. If you feel the need to judge (lets face it they mostly don’t) then to hell with you!

I guess as I work with people day in day out, I see the people who are hiding behind the perfect self vision they aspire too. My mind often wanders to how they are behind closed doors, when they can take off that false exterior and sit burp and fart like the rest of us. There are also many inhibitions too. I once remember talking to a mate of mine; it was about a programme that had been on TV about nudity. A group of people who were into nudism (is that a word?) were well erm showing their all to anyone. Her thoughts were how this was bad and that they shouldn’t do it in front of children. I disagreed with this, there is nothing wrong with the naked body, and it’s the most natural thing going. It’s only got its stigma as we deem it bad or dirty or worse. Another case of clothing and hiding who we truly are.

Now I’m not saying that I’m a nudist now, as I think that it takes incredible courage and self awareness to be that comfortable in one’s own skin to show it in public, but I have upmost respect for those that do, you can’t really get more open than that can you ?!
I do like to think myself as a good judge of character, years of people watching. I also have read various stuff on body language etc. It does always shock me though when I have been wrong about someone, shocked and sadden really. I hold honesty up as the most important aspect of some ones being. Honesty and integrity, being who you actually are warts and all.

This is why I will have no regrets of stuff that I have done in the past and in the present. I certainly have been no angel at all! Men, drink, drugs, wildness and general naughtiness, although ive never stolen or been on the wrong side of the law! Well ok yes I have been that, but only really a foot over! I often hear though people with regrets about what they have done in the past; oh I shouldn’t have done this or that. Now with stuff like murder or along those lines then yes quite understand that! However with general life stuff, have no regrets, only ever regret the stuff you haven’t done, not what you have done. After all it means you are alive doesn’t it.

Ok these past few months, I have been sounding like ive found some sort of new religion of sorts, my positive attitude to what I have done and the fact that as it can’t be changed why worry about it. I have a list of things I want to do, want to achieve and I want to do them now. Plus why as humans are we so quick to praise some ones achievements and frown on the failures? After all surely failing meant that we have it a go, gave it our best shot, and is it better to have more achievements and fewer failures or the other way around? Praise your failures, that’s what I am trying to do. There arnt many achievements compared to failures in my life, but why should I think that bad? I gave it a go, didn’t work out, but no need to beat myself up over it. Get up brush yourself down and try again. I have a mental list of mine that I work through and I find the good in them. As I said only regret stuff you haven’t done not what you have, even the ones that make you cringe...learn to laugh at them, laugh at yourself. Honestly you will find it easier as you do it, then you will wonder why on earth you was worried that you got drunk ended up in some ones house that you didn’t know talking about your vegetable plot and your carrots at 4 am!

That has just made me giggle. You know when you get comfortable with who you actually are, life gets just that little bit easier. When you know who you are and are happy to share the real you and not hide behind the you that you think you should show, it is easier to kick back and enjoy!

17 August 2007

Its Friday!!!

Plus I have the whole weekend off...whoo hooo...let the madness begin!

Talking of madness just been watching a wasp outside trying to eat its way through the fence, not sure why or what he was trying to do. Think I have a nest some where as the numbers of wasps are on the increase, seem to have one every year, but can never locate it strangely. oh well whilst they are not harming me I don't mind, its when they start chasing you when it gets a bit much!

Oh I did have plans to do some hand gliding, but after looking on the net for places and costs, it was going to be about £250, just cant justify that right now with everything else that's going on, that's on the back burner now for next year. I do hope however to be looking at bikes this w/e, not sure if I can afford one just as yet, with the house and holiday etc, but will be cool to go and have a look just the same!

My wants out of today? To do some thing that both challenges me and scares me a little, after all its great to be alive lets celebrate that!

16 August 2007

House hunting cont...

Well think we have found the one, Sveta likes it (via the Internet) so he has put an offer in, lower than the asking price and they have come back asking for £2k more, still under the asking price. I think that's a good price, but the only issue being as that they will be in a chain and haven't found a house that they like as yet. Phill being a cash buyer is in a much stronger buying place, but we will have to see. He is going to look at the paper today to see if there are any more that he wants to go see, but I think that it will be this house as it is ideal!

Then the part that I'm excited about......all the stuff here is mainly his, which means I get to go shopping for new furniture! How cool will that be! I have a vision of how my house will be, what bed I want, sofa etc etc..Also going to decorate as the house will be empty when he moves out so an ideal time to get the walls done and the woodwork. Its very due of a decorate, it wont be any mad colours, think I will go for a butter milk every where apart from the bedroom which will be a very pale brown....oooo new curtains and soft furnishings too. It wont be all fancy as I don't want to spend a small fortune on it, some will be bought second hand as Ive seen a sofa that's for sale at a steal! Think I will start looking at the w/e

The rain has finally stopped looks like its going to be a nice day today, makes a change from all the wet stuff we have had of late, the birds are much happier that's for sure! Hmmmmm think I will skip to work today, feeling very happy again!

15 August 2007

Take ten minutes to watch this...

14 August 2007

Rain rain

Go Away!!!

Thought we might be missed by the rain, but oh no! Well yesterday was a good day, got the mortgage sorted, hope to be looking at some houses tonight, there is one that is in the running so far, not far from here and a nice house in a quiet area, hopefully the inside will be as nice as the outside!

Mate came round last night to drop off some cd's, I was about to go to bed as I had another migraine coming on, but managed to stay up and be the in pain host! Still as he didn't leave til late, had fish 'n' chips for tea..yay! Not great for the old diet, but once in a while doesn't hurt! Also hopefully going to get some personal training sessions sorted out. I dont mind my body shape right now, but would like to carry on getting fit, it really makes a difference to me mentally and physically. My breathing is much better and it really feels good to do exercise. So keep walking OC!!

13 August 2007

Monday Monday!

Another brand new week stretches out in front! Oh I have had too put comment moderation on the blog as I have been getting some that I do not wish to have on my blog! I will of course moderate them as soon as I can so comments will show up, sorry to have to do this, but I have my reasons! Hopefully I will be able to switch it off again soon. As I am not around as much the stray ones are creeping in so I think its better like this for now!

Think I will have to get some wellington boots for this week as its set to rain and rain and rain this week. Still not long now til my holiday, getting quite excited about it, still not sure where I am going, got a few options. Im still thinking about the whole go to airport and see whats available. I still have quite a few days to take too, could be another trip lined up later this year...YAY! Probably when hogs are hibernating, its ok in September as I will have a hog sitter again, but later on I like to be here for any young ones that need help.

Talking of hogs, again I will say, please put a bowl of water in your gardens for hogs, if you only do this it can really make all the difference.

12 August 2007

Where has the time gone again ?

Bloody hell, its Sunday already! Ok start from Friday, evening out with Julie, tom came over with his sister, she is lovely, had a few drinks, not many as work in the morning, finished with a Chinese (must stop doing that) then came home. Phill was still up so wanted to talk about stuff. Actually if I remember correctly we was choosing names for any children he may have with Sveta. I quite like the name Luke, but he wants Basil as a middle name so didn't quite go.

Saturday, worked again! Still last one now for a while, thank god! Feels like I have done every one for months now. Anyway it was busy so went quickly, love Saturdays like that, nowt worse when they just drag on and on. Been thinking about stuff a lot at the moment, think my hormones are bit up in the air due to lady time, which has been a killer this month, pain, migraines, dizziness...not good at all. Thing is I don't know what I am thinking about, if that makes any sense. Just a niggle again at the back of my head. Certain things have pissed me off, but I wont talk about that here as I cant be arsed really. Enough to say I don't like people who lie or use others, really fucks me off. Then once I am fucked off it takes a long time for me to sort it out in my head, im very slow to anger but even slower to forgive, but that's just me!

Today, been looking at some houses for Phill and Sveta, didn't really see any that I would think are suitable, but still there are some more for us to look at. Been talking to her tonight, she cant wait to get over to the UK. Actually nor can I! Not just the fact that I will get my house back again...YAY! I actually want him to be happy and she is nice too, very much warmed to her, she also has a similar sense of humour too me and likes being playfully mean to him! MY kind of gal, plus littleun is cool, bit of a handful but sweet with it. My family of one is now going to be extended, which is cool. Not really having anything to do with my real family now for ages, which is better for my mental state, its great to have some more joining my custom made family!

Not been very well though today, did manage some photos, but not that great to be fair, they are nice to look at I guess, but not quite sure really. I am building up my folders though ready to publish to the website, Ive also got some plans of other stuff I want to take photos of, its hard to explain but its possibly going to be arty sort of photos, but not of arty things....you will understand once they are published I'm sure! Migraine this afternoon just about finished me off really.

Now lets look forward to another Monday! Still work is cool really at the moment, manage to have a good time most days.................

10 August 2007


Those hogs that I went to collect?? Well thanks to Derek from hog forum, here they are now..... when I picked them up they were actually only a day old, they are all doing well and mum is feeding them very well....ok you can say awwwwww now!!!

09 August 2007

Sunny, but chilly

Think its been a bit on the nippy side today..still had a good day, got up did all my chores! Went down to my local shop to get some more meal worms and they are going to start ordering me them in a bigger size and giving them to me at trade price!! Isnt that nice of them! They know they are for the hogs, but was really chuffed at the kind gesture from them.

Been on the phone most of the day trying to sort mortgage out for phill, hopefully we have one sorted, thanks to a mate of mine, just need to find him a house now then pack his bags!!

Did get out in the sunshine too, some photos on here, need to do the others to put on the ole website!

Well best dash as usual lots to do!

08 August 2007

Its going to be a good day!

You know sometimes when you wake up smiling, the sun is shining a great track on the radio is playing. You just know that today is going to be a good day! Its when your hair behaves and styles with out fuss or doing much too it, you catch yourself in the mirror and wink! Ha ha, its going to be a good day today, got a feeling in my water. Something special will happen some where today. Make sure you all do something good today, even if its just something small, do a good deed then all will benefit!!

btw, no im not drunk....just excited!

07 August 2007

Got to love this

Actually there is a remix version that is sooooo cool, but cant get it on you tube
:-( If I knew how to do from iTunes........ Please turn up your speakers and press play then get ready to chill or cry or what ever you want to do!

Looks like..

....summer has finally turned up, guess we will have a warm autumn, that will confuse the poor hogs. My new box in the garden has a resident already. On Derek's advice I put it under the Ivy next to the shed, hog has filled with dead leaves too, hopefully will make it a winter home. Going to pop into b&q on the way home today and see if they have some rubber matting so I can move the other two boxes, although I might wait until Sunday then I can give them a clean out which will last then til spring, have to think on that one, or I could do one box at a time and leave over night. Will think on that one. Its my free night tonight, last night hoop and ball, it was the tough session too, feels great when your body is screaming with the effort and pain, honest it really does! Actually been thinking about getting the lady who takes the class to do some one on one training as she is a personal trainer too. She is lovely really funny, but doesn't let you wimp out, I need that! My eating has got better too, im not going the whole day with out eating again. I go through cycles like that, where im just not hungry and dint want to eat, but its not good to do that so am back on three healthy meals a day!

I have stopped weighing myself though, think its more how you feel and your body shape rather than weight, after all muscle weighs heavier than fat, so you could be trim and toned and weigh more than some one who isn't! Anyway that's the docs job!

Well best run, in danger of being late again!

06 August 2007

Much Much Much Excitement!!!

Im going to learn to ride a motorbike! Phill is going to teach me on his..hmmmm, but think I will end up on something a lot less powerful like a moped or such!!! This changing your life lark, is getting more and more exciting. In fact we was having the conversation last night how in ten years time, there should be nothing that we regret or wish we had done. Yeah you can work all the hours, save your pennies but what is it really for? Im spending mine now whilst I can and I tell you it feels great!

05 August 2007

Kind of too plan

Phill came back today, his mum and dad bought him back, so lots of tea made. We also watched some photo dvd's that he had bought back with him, 300!!! Didnt wacth all 300 today.....save them for another day.

Did get out in the garden though, was sorting out the veggies, will be eating fresh carrotts this week!

Hogs are dim!

Got a text earlier from a mate of mine, asking what I was up too this evening..decided we would go to the flicks (haven't been for ages!) We watched Simpson's the movie...very funny, you would really have to watch it a few times to get the underlying jokes as well, but well worth going to see.

Anyway on the way back in the car, we both went awwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhh as a small hog went across the very busy road, good job we saw it and he missed the silly thing. Couldn't stop there, so he kindly went round the round about dropped me off and I went to look to see where silly hog had gone, but its quite grassy up there so had no hope in the dark! Just pleased it made it across the road ok, there is an underpass not too far up either, wish they would use them rather than try the road!

I feel sleepy now, but wide awake if you know what I mean. I do hope the weather continues to be sunny tomorrow, I'm not saying that I am planning to take some photos as every time I say that something comes up. I will just take the day as it comes! Best try some herbal tea to see if that helps me feel sleepy. Had a good night again though..

04 August 2007

Hardly keep my eyes open

Last night turned into a much later night than I had anticipated, but was a cool night. Its great when you have an unexpected evening. Paid for it today mind, could hardly keep my eyes open at work, even the usual mix of red bull and coffee didnt work today. Also eating a Chinese meal at silly o'clock causes problems too!

After work today, had a lovely few hours in the garden, hot and sunny, very nice! Only draw back is ive had to go back onto my Ventolin as the old hay fever has kicked back in with vengeance! Never mind could be worse.

Got loads to do tonight, but not much energy right now, think I will have a nice cold shower and see what the night brings....

03 August 2007

Here we go again....

Its Friday..whoo hooo, getting ready to cram as much as I can into it, got to work on Saturday (boo hoo) but apart from that, ive got a lot on again. One thing being the VAT again, last few times its been a bugger, hope it doesn't take as long this time, plan to do that Saturday afternoon along with everything else, so my Sunday is free! Hmmm did that last week too, never goes to plan.

One thing I have nearly finished is the wedding dvd of the photos I took, I was looking at it last night though and it is almost like one of those videos that gets played after a major disaster, showing the people in memoriam. Before I change it completely, one of my friends might be popping in over the w/e so I will ask him what he thinks to it, it might just be that ive viewed it over and over again, or might just need to change the music will have to see.

Yesterday after work I did a real girly thing...I got a manicure! Now being an avid biter of my nails for years and years, ive finally stopped! My nails are in a poor state though. I had to have a lot of the cuticles cut, even bled at one point. After they was painted a nice colour but of course as soon as I got home and was cleaning out the hog feeding box it soon came off! Still it was nice to be pampered, she says I need to go every 2 weeks to get my nails back strong and to sort out my very poor skin! She did a good job of squaring off my nails, now they are never going to be long as that would be so impractical for me, but its nice to see them not looking all spilt and bit. Hmmm wonder if I could be turning into a lady after all.....?

01 August 2007


Well Monday was not a bad day at work, Im training some one at the moment so its not always the organised day that I am used too. Plus she has lots of folders and im quite anal about stuff on the desk, but that's not her fault. Im being really good though! She is also coming along a treat, makes you feel really proud when you see some ones confidence growing by the day, wont be long until she is fully fledged now!

Tuesday, bit of a harder day, been very tired of late, my own fault really, too many late nights and early mornings! There always seems to be something to do, whether its the business, or the planning permission for the houses, putting the wedding album together, looking after Phills affairs...etc etc plus my own commitments. Other stuff just has to be put on the back burner, I feel bad about that, of course I do, but I am only human and I can only do so much. I don't get much time to even catch up on every ones blogs, let alone do my own. Its not excuses but I did say this year that I am going to make a very much needed change in my life and that is what I have done. Whether this has been at the expense of other things, I really cant help that. With Boo passing away too, I have been even more determined to get things changed, to try and get out more, get more mates in the area and generally have more fun. I wont feel guilty about this I really wont as I need and still need to do this. I still care about every one Ive met on here but I haven't got the time that I used to have, this cant be helped, I feel shit of course I do, but Im not going back to the way I was and if this is deemed as selfish then I apologise.

Well other news, the hog and babes from Sunday are doing well, she is feeding them so that's a HUGE relief. Hopefully will have some bought over for release this w/e too..

Plus seen a hoglet in the garden tonight, little boy, so sweet! I really hope that there is more..