20 April 2008

Am I

Happy or sad?

You will note the date and probably the time I am writing this. Its been on my mind a while as the date has seemed to have come around so quickly yet seems an age ago now.

Seems like it was years since I was chatting with Boo, not sure why, as there is not many a day when I do not think about her, some thing happens and I think oh I must tell her she will laugh and then I remember Boo has gone. Then I think how lucky I have been to have known such a kind and giving person, even if for a short time, some people dont get that all their lives.

I like to think that everything happens for a reason, we meet people for a reason, we have our life stuff for a reason. I just can not think why she had to pass though and I wish and wish I had known her sooner. I wish I had done more to help her when she needed it most, but as we all know she never really told us how difficult it had got or how ill she was, I am sad about that.

Some times I find myself talking to her in my head, asking her what I should do and ask her for a sign, maybe wishful thinking but I do always get them in one way or the other. Maybe I will see a bird that she liked or some lettering that has her name, its hard to explain and yeah maybe I have been looking for it, but I can and will not accept that her soul and spirit has demised with her body. Boo has to be out there some where, probably not playing a harp or chasing the devil, but her spirit was so strong she cant be gone I just can not think that she is not the wind whistling in the trees, or the bird song that wakes me up at silly o'clock.

I do think of the good stuff I read her blog and laugh at her humour and wit and I want to celebrate her life. My thoughts are also with her family they must miss her so much I know we do.

A great lady passed a year ago, pleas do take the time even if just one minute and remember her. Also please leave a comment about your best boo moment. I would love to read them and remember them.

As for you boo, I think about you, you know I still talk to you and I am sorry for asking lots from you. But I miss you.

I miss you

I miss you


oldcrow61 said...

Beautifully said Nic. I too think of her often. It's amazing how some people leave an impression on ones life. My Boo moment has to be when being new to the computer, I had put Yahoo on and Roger was sitting at the computer and said there's something here that says "Boo conversation". I remember rushing across the room, knocking him off the chair and she was the first one to contact me like that. I was so excited. Her spirit will always remain with us.

Jan said...

It brought a large tear to my eye reading this lovely blog today nic. I miss her too, but I guess I didn't know her as well as you did. I still see signs of her around my home all the time though. On my kitchen door I have a huge chart of all the butterflies I'm likely to see that she kindly sent me. I still have a postcard she sent me from her holiday in my rack above my kettle, and in my address book, I have a lovely letter from her which I still read from time to time. She was a beautiful person. It's so unfair when someone like her is taken away so young.

Janine said...

Nic, I think Boo would be touched by your words. Although she would probably tell us off for being sad and missing her! I remember the voice chats we used to have and one day she spoke about Hereford, I think Pauline's husband ended up playing the guitar, and Anna sang, those were fun times.

Ali said...

Nic, your post is too sad.

The years role on far too quickly and I can't believe it's a year since you posted on the hedgehog forum that Boo had passed away.

I think you all must chat somewhere else and all I've done is type so I didn't know Boo at all but what I do remember is her posts on our forum being upbeat, to the point and real. That's a great quality.

I miss seeing her logged onto our forum as you always knew her answers would make you laugh.

I'm sure she must have been proud to call you all friends. xxx