04 April 2008

Ha Ha

Yeah the sex fairy did come.....mind I was looking hot...new scarlett underwear, painted nails and toe nails...hair up with tumbling curls and an oriental style dressing robe (short)...he was lost for words when he came in...candles lit we had a goooooood time!!

Still im not going to move too fast and I will take each day as it comes...but I cant get the smile of my face expecially with the texts he sends...mmm

Anyway, ruby still asleep, but 2 hogs up in the garden...yay! Checked em both over and they are fine.....good news all round I would say...now back to that smiling..


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're having fun. Bet you looked fabulous when "he" showed up. Great to hear that the hogs are back.

Janine said...

No wonder the hogs are back, theyve probably seen you answer the door! :)

Ali said...

Naughty hoggies :D Lol!

Have fun Nic, you lucky thing!! xxx