16 April 2008


I know.....but there has been so much going on its been unreal!! Ok point form will be easier..

1. I have been ill, its been combination of stress, being run down getting all bugs going and not having any time off since September!! So had some time off to re-charge the old batteries. I am feeling much better now tho!

2. Phillip and family are back! Been spending time with them, trying to help as much as I can...Nata has been great and we spend most time together...but it is hard as she cries when ever I leave...really pulls on the heart strings, but I am so pleased they are here. I have my family back and I love them immensely.

3. Work busy busy busy 6 day weeks, but hey its overtime.

4, Man...yeah still on scene and all I can say is its good and I enjoy what we have.

5. 3 hogs up in the garden, Ruby still asleep..still not sure what to do with her as yet, but as it has been cold not too worried.

6. Few arguments with bt and the billing, but Im trying not to get stressed these days ha ha

7. Hayfever kicking in, which is lovey!

8. I have review soon with doc and I want to start reducing the pills, I feel ready.

9. Life is moving on at 200 mphs, which is cool but some times I miss the slow stuff.

10. Boo will be gone a year on the 20th.....seems such an age ago now, but I know she is keeping an eye on us all.

well, think thats all for now, will try and update more often, but well...I will try


oldcrow61 said...

Great to see you back Nic. I don't know how you manage all you do. It wears me out just thinking about it, lol. I often think of Boo, some people you just don't forget. Hugs.

Jan said...

Yup, what OC said. Glad you are having a good time. ;o)

Janine said...

Its great that you are having fun. Say hi to hoggies for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Im glad youre having fun and your thinking of diminishing prozac or whatever it is. Its springtime. hurray.