16 January 2008


Yeah you guessed it the ole internet, keeps dropping and to be honest after I have tried it for a while I get so fed up that I just switch it off! I will ring bt when I am feeling calmer and have a year to spend on hold!

Anyway I am at phills right now, meant to be writing up a report for my rating to give to the ad on friday, but im finding it hard as im not used to being positive about me or my attributes. I got some work people to write comments about me and it has amazed me what they have written and how highly I am thought of. I will start on that in a bit as I can not be at this all day as...........

STOP PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup thats right, I have a date!, its a friend of a friend, he is divorced has two teenage kids (dont live with him), good job own house etc... I will be honest its not my normal type as there seems to be nothing wrong with him, or he hasnt got an element of bad in him (women will understand this) but hey you dont know until you give it a try.

Not sure where we are going as yet, think a drink in town, I of course will play it cool and act coy etc, remember my lading training and all that.

I will try and give you a report either when I get home or tomorrow if the blinking internet is working.

Oh well best get this report done.....


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oldcrow61 said...

Can't wait to hear about the date. I know about the attraction to the "bad boys", been attracted to a couple myself, lol. When I was much younger of course.