09 January 2008

Yoo Hoo

Yup I am finally back, I still hate the laptop but I am trying to make it work! Ok too much to type about what has been happening, so bullet form is needed I think...

1. I am still single, didnt work out with man, too many issues bu we are still friends.

2. House is still wonderful and am loving it!

3. Spent Christmas and nye with phillip, had a nice time also went visiting others too.

4. Never got round to sending christmas cards, sorry....

5. Got myself into some hot water and bother which really upset me, but will say that later as its annoying still.

6. Been out with the camera but as of yet cant get the photo software o work o silly laptop.

7. Plan to take diferent directions with my photography this year and not just wildlife, have a few things in mind, but its the weather at the moment.

8. Phillips wife should be over by next month, god willing.

9. I made my usual resoloutions for the new year.

10. I am back on the fitness thing and have my own gym ball now for the house.

11. I am going to join the gym.

12. I will be slim for summer, ha ha.

13. Finaly I can use predicitive texting.

14. Alan is still in the box in the garden.

15. Ruby is now 950g's and will goto the shed this w/e as I think her cough is better after steam baths and menthol oils. Didnt want to keep pumping her with drugs so have been trying alternative methods, she is also a monster!

16. Got lots of birds in the garden, including male and female black cap. lovely thrush, who gets bullied by the millions of blackbirds I have.

17. Work is hetic and stressful, but they have changed our incentive again and this year I have a lot of money making potential, which will certainly help with the wildlife bills/!!

18. I am planning a holiday in spring, not sure as to where yet.

19. Still planning to see oc in summer (hope thats ok)

20. Love the fact that Jan is out and about and having fun!

21. Still trying to catch up with other blogs.

22. Going to phills for diner tonight.

23. Still looking for love....

Hmmm much easier to catch up that way, but I will expand on some issues as time goes on. All in all I am excited about 2008, have lots of plans, which should be great.

Well for now its time for Ruby to have a steam bath for her congestion, plus I am still trying to get my photos to load up......hope to get them on before I goto phillips.

Missed you...oh it wont let me check the spelling, so sorry


Janine said...

Wow Nic. Sorry to hear it didnt work out with the guy, love hoggy pics, hope to be in chat soon to catch up!

oldcrow61 said...

Great to see you back, and I might add, can't wait to see you this summer.