04 February 2008

I hate paperwork

I am round Phills catching up on his invoicing, bill payments and vat, it was more work thatn I thought I had to do, never mind all caught up now!

Man update, did see him over w/e but im not too sure about this one, I have decided to take a back seat for a while and see how it transpires, but im not really thinking this will be the "love" of my life or owt like that. We will definatly have to see on this one.

Had Alex round saturday night for his birthday dinner, lots of fun and laughs as usual, another late night tho, having too many of them so I am taking it easy today, well after here, shopping, home, housework, change bed, gym ball, dinner then bed! Hmm best get wriggle on as soon be time to goto gym ball, plus I really need to shave my legs too as it looks like a million spiders have taken up residence on them!

Oh and I am also thinking about taking a short break some where in March, but not sure on that one as yet, I am just really missing the sunshine, BIG TIME. I think it will really help if I can get some for a week, dont care where it is as long as there is no grey miserable skies and just some bright sunshine...will think on that one.

uhm not sure there is anything else to update really..


Jan said...

Avoid Wales at all costs then, not much chance of anything but here!

Glad you're ok nic.

oldcrow61 said...

A week off in some warm sunny place!! I could go for that myself right about now.