18 September 2007


Now its a nice and sunny day out there, but aint half nippy! Think that winter is on its way. However I do like these crisp sunny autumn mornings, makes me think about snuggling up in warm jumpers and coats. Getting wrapped up in scarves and gloves. Think I will buy a nice new winter coat today, something snugly. Its this time of year that I wish I had a real fire again, something so cosy about sitting in front and smelling the coal.......ohh dreaming again!

Then again I am thinking about booking another holiday for November!! Unsure as yet as to where I would go, possibly the Algarve, dunno as yet.

Oh dear got to run..

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st said...

Longing for a coal fire. Nothing quite like the real thing, i still miss mine even though they were a pain in the arse to clean.