17 September 2007

Catch up!

As I guessed things got a wee bit mad to the back end of last week, too be honest too much food and wine was consumed, working as well meant that by Sunday an almighty hang over occurred! Still it was great fun and nice to go out with different people doing different things, my drink intake has now stopped again!

Oh talking of Sunday, had a green woodpecker in the garden, normally a cool thing as a new tick! However the poor thing had a very broken wing, feathers missing too. Managed to get a number of a local lady who came round to collect him, she is going to try a splint on the wind, lets just hope poor thing gets over the shock, he couldn't fly at all and was quite scared. Although very happy to just wander about the garden digging for ants. Really dont know what would have happened.

More sprawk attacks the latest was a collard dove, the bird came back to eat, picked up the dove dropped in the bird bath to wash the dove then plucked, amazing if not a little weird and not nice to see.

Hogs are all doing well, still got about 5 coming each night which is cool, they are all very healthy too which is fantastic!

Uhm what else, I am sure there is more, I havnt really been home of late, need a few nights at home to get some stuff sorted here and too also start my new plans!

Oh well I will think of some more stuff tomorrow....

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oldcrow61 said...

Aw, hope the woodpecker makes out all right. Five hogs...WOW!