24 September 2007

Oh goodness

Where has the time gone again, all I seem to post on here are catch ups! Last week was major manic at work, we were short so always seems worse, been walking with Jan, netball, looking at houses etc etc.

Met up with Jan on Thursday evening and had rather a nice Chinese meal...yum yum, nice to catch up and have a good old gossip! You know what us women are like when we get together!

Friday the fair was here, I was home late after working and walking so stayed in that night, drank wine with Phillip and had a nice meal.

Saturday I spent the whole day just relaxing and pottering about, lovely.

Saturday night I went out and had a good night, came home in the early hours of Sunday! Im such a stop out !

Sunday, housework and washing!

Today Im doing business work and waiting for the gas man to come and change the meter over so could be here some time!

This week, busy as ever, Phillip wants to get fit again, soooooo Im now going to be up in the mornings walking too as thats the only time I can fit anything else in! Quick calculations means I will be walking about 20 odd miles per week! Phillip actually said Saturday night as I was getting ready to go out he was worried as it looks like some one has stolen my arse! I dont think they have though.

Talking about the old weight loss, he was also telling me that he was listening to the radio and they was talking about BMI and that if they calculated the rugby teams BMI they would all be classed as obese!!!! Due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, so the more you tone up the chances are the more you will weight on the scales and still be obese! Hmmmm I think they need a new calculation, me I stopped weighing myself about a month ago, Im now going on body shape and fitting into clothes. Im happy with my shape although still a bit more to come off on the tummy and love handles, but they are last to go on me so Im not unduly worried. I just love the fact that I have more energy, I wouldnt have been able to do all that I do now carrying the extra weight! I have more confidence, I like to look in the mirror before I go out and think hey who's that hot chick! Ha ha!!!

No being serious I know some over weight people who tell me they are happy with their size and like being larger, however I dont believe them, as its not really the way you look as at any size you can look good, but its the way you feel inside thats the deal breaker for me. What also is great is the people that I help too, I get such a buzz from them being happier and being able to fit into their old clothes again. I actually got star of the week last week from work, not only for my performance but for helping the team and starting exercise after work with them, plus sorting out their diets...ha ha!

Oh well, best crack on as have lots to do, guess the gas man will come last thing during the day, typical as I want to go out and get a bit of shopping! Gym ball tonight...Horrrayyyy!!!

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oldcrow61 said...

My heavens, you are busy. I agree, it's a great feeling when you lose weight and get into shape. I've done it myself...looked in the mirror and said, wow, there's a hot chick there, lol. I'm so pleased for you.