25 September 2007

Poorley man

in bed, cant breathe has been up all night coughing and has a temperature. Just waiting til 8 am then I can get him a doctors appointment, well I can ring the engaged phone for about 15 mins then get through, its a nightmare!

Talking of appointments, got my check up at the dentist and hygienist to book, plus my eyes need doing again! I will have to get some new glasses this year as mine are about warn out, unless they can put new arms on the ones they have ?!? Not looking forward to seeing the hygienist as im sure she will tell me off, ive been really good with my routine, but there are some teeth that I just cant get too as well as the others, as I have a small mouth. I even considered going to another one before going there, silly I know, but I hate getting in bother! Still got to be done, nothing more important to me than my hygiene! Im a shower once normally twice a day gal! Oh what I really love is Sundays, I wash the bed clothes on Sunday, then have a bath, shave etc...ooooh its lovely getting in crisp clean bedding when you are all squeaky clean yourself, makes me wriggle just thinking about it!

Still cant shift the blinkin cough I have though, I might even have to think about giving up smoking! Ok I thought about it and decided bad idea, I would need a mountain of sweets to give up and that would do me more harm than good im sure!

Well best get on the phone to the docs, I will try and put another photo on whilst im waiting to get through!

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Jan said...

Oh dear, man flu, nothing worse. Hope you don't catch it nic.