29 July 2007

not too plan!

Well this morning I went to get some more hog food and bird food, also to give them some of the leaflets that Derek had given me about strimming and the dangers.

Got home nice cup of tea and the phone went....woman in the area who was having a new base put down for a green house had come across a hog with babies. Young ones at that! I phoned Derek and got his advice, then phoned Julie to take me to pick them up. After talking to Derek decided it was best if they went with him, because if mum rejects them they would need hand rearing and there is no way I would have time or the commitment to do that properly.

Got there and saw them, mum and 4 babies, no more than 4 days old, the smallest cutest prickles Ive ever seen! Got them home then Derek came over and picked them up. I just hope mum continues to feed them.

Then the sun went in....ha ha!!!

Anyway, im waiting now....very nervous I am, just hope its a good night ;-)


Pete said...

nervous about what?

Anna said...

Tiny prickles!!

oldcrow61 said...

Ahem....my question as well, nervous about what.