07 August 2006

I hate my alarm clock

Well actually I have 3. The radio alarm, my mobile and an old mobile. Im not one of these types that hears the first alarm then immediately gets up, I need to snooze! They are all set at different times, the phones can also have separate alerts set, otherwise I would just fall back asleep.

I woke up at 5 am this morning in a panic convinced myself I had overslept. Hate it when that happens, still took me about 5 minutes to check the time to see if I actually had!!

Looks like we had a good shower in the night, just been watching some bluetits on the washing line eating the spiders. My bathroom spiders seem to be doing well, we have an understanding, I dont mind them being in the bathroom, as its not a room that I tend to spend a lot of time in. They can stay in there, but they arnt to roam about the house, or watch me whilst in the bathroom. I make them close ALL their weird eyes!!

Just looked out to the feeders, greenfinches, chaffinches and blue tits, also looks like I will have to fill them up again at lucnhtime!

Oh well best try and be on time this morning :)

Oh and Happy Birthday Will, hope you have a fantastic day xx


Pauline said...

Nice to see you writing again Nic, I miss reading your ups and downs of the day and the funny things that happen in work.

nicola said...

Yeah its a time thing...ie never enough of it to be doing what I want or need to do, unfortunatly some things just get shelved, I will try much harder....