02 August 2006


He is a clever chap, made the church photo sunny. Really will have to write me a manual, I would read it honest!

Well its a nice morning out there, its fairly windy, but really fresh too. Great for breathing, although Ive had an attack of the sneezes this morning. Still its nice to have a break from the stifling heat we have had of late, looks like more rain today so the garden will be rejoicing too.

Sorry for my absence yesterday, wasnt feeling to great (lady time) so was much nicer to be laid down, rather than sitting up. Still us girls dont complain we just get on with it! Actually yesterday afternoon I hid myself in an office and didnt see a soul!!! Good chance to catch up on work too. New furniture being sent today WHOO HOO!! Another late night at work, sorting it all out be worth it though.

Well I suppose I should finish getting ready for the "w" thing and be on my way.

Oh and Mike, hope it goes ok today.....


flicker said...

Ah, wondered where you'd got too. *Hugs* (Been there many a time myself) Thank god no more, well I hope not anyway. Glad you are happier with the weather, I'm certainly not, hate it, feels like October here, bloody windy, freezing, grey, wet, and just want to stay in bed and wait till it all goes away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nic, I'll just have to brace myself, bend over and think of England ;-)