16 May 2007


Always the same, one thing goes right then everything else cocks up!

PC is broken, completely buggered, it will have to go to the shop for repair, thank goodness we have the laptop, although I have to wait for phill to be finished with it so I can use it. Photos are piling up on the memory cards also as I cant take them off on here.

Also little hog has taken a turn for the worse. Came home tonight and she was shaking and couldnt walk properly. Bought her in and she was cold, not able to keep her body heat. I think that its a sign that the lungworm caused more damage than her small body could take. They are keeping her in, but it doesnt look good. Sad as it is at least she wont suffer. Im sad very sad but hopeful. They are going to worm again, but she isnt that bad on her breathing, but I know that worm infection can affect their brains too and she was young when she got them. Keep your fingers crossed pleased....

So not sure when I will get to update this as its phills laptop and he uses to talk to his g/f, so I have to wait for my turn, hopefully the pc wont be too long at the menders, think its a hardware issue rather than software.

Oh well best check some more stuff then be off to bed, all in all a not good day. Oh if you want to get hold of me and you have my number..feel free to use it.

Bye for now x


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about poor hoggy Nic, I hope he gets better, take care ,Pauline.

Jan said...

Aww nic, poor little hog. Hope she will be okay.

Hope you get the pc sorted quickly too. Can you not offload your pics from memory card to a blank cd rom using the laptop? Then you can just put them onto your pc when it's fixed. I did all mine the other day so that I could wipe the card to take to the Red Kite place.

oldcrow61 said...

So upsetting to hear about little hog. I hope she can pull through this.