03 May 2007

Little hogs first night

She ate quite a lot, half a chicken thigh and 2 hand fulls of meal worms, so looking promising so far. Of course I was worried all night, but she is asleep this morning lightly snoring..... I will weigh her at the w/e to see how she is doing on the weight front. It will be hard to be away on friday, but I am sure phill will look after her.

Talking of friday, its boo's funeral. I feel like I dont want it to be her funeral as I still dont want to admit to myself that she is gone and that she isnt coming back. I dont want people just to forget her. I know none of you will, but im struggling with the fact that life just carries on with out her. It will be nice to meet her family though, just hope im able to offer some comfort to them in some way.

Oh well, best be off to do the work thing...

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oldcrow61 said...

My goodness, little hog really stuffed herself. No doubt she will be gaining weight fast.

I don't think I will ever forget Boo. Strange how we feel so close to people we haven't met. I feel she was part of my family, as I feel about all of you. Sisters and brothers so to speak. She will never be far from my thoughts. She was the greatest!