31 July 2006

Oh crikey

Where has this year gone? Its blinkin August tomorrow, soon be Christmas!!! I know its meant to get quicker with age but this is ridiculous it really is. What happened to the long lazy days of summer? The nights are already drawing in. I havnt even made all the plans of what I wanted to achieve before im erm, erm, erm another year older! Ok so I guess the best thing I can do is start to plan what I want to have achieved before im erm erm erm another two years older, feel free to leave recommendations..

Its really chilled down here some what at the moment, rain it feels is imminent. What happened to the sunshine and the nice hot weather....Contrary moi? OI Im allowed to be ;)


oldcrow61 said...

Being a Virgo, your birthday must be coming up soon. Ah, say the hell with it and throw a big party.

nicola said...

No No No No No No No

Its been cancelled, in fact they all have from now, Im not going to be another year older...nope!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I've been doing the same thing for years but someone always calls on "the day" reminding me that I'm a year older.