21 March 2006

Brave or Silly?

Ok I use tepid water at this time of year and test with my elbow of course. However as soon as Ive changed the water in the bird bath all the starlings come down for a bath! They must be mad!!! Plus after 10 starlings have washed and brushed in it, I have to change the water again wonder if a NO BATHING sign will work?


Boo said...

Nope! They love their bath, and the name of the game is, "let's see how quickly we can empty this thing, then she will have to fill it again!"

I hope you managed to get some pics of them. I love watching them bathe.

Pete said...

I enjoy watching the Blackbirds sitting in the bird bath on a really hot summer day!!

nicola said...

Yes they played that game last year too!!!