24 March 2006

What a difference

a day makes, today its raining now thats ok as the garden needs the rain as do we with all this talk of a hose pipe ban looming and water shortages, just dont like the way the shy is all grey and bleak, oh well..

Well the garden is fairly busy this morning, a squirrel is back in the garden trying its hardest to break the nut feeder its only a young one too. The blackbirds are now scrapping with the starlings chasing them all over the garden as are most of the birds this morning. 4 redheads were chasing all over too must be a sign of spring.

My new bed has also got more signs of life more seedlings are popping up, and I also noticed a cowslip coming through too. All in all Im feeling quite positive still which is so nice after the last few weeks. Plus its Friday and Im not working next week either YIPEEE!


oldcrow61 said...

"I must go seek some dew drops here, and hang a pearl in every cowslips ear."

Boo said...

AND you are out on the town tonight, lucky girl!!!

Have fun!

nicola said...

well let you know boo!