12 March 2006

Some sayings that confuse me, if you can shed some light on them please do...

Fixing a drink..... why is it broke?

Cruel to be kind.... just sounds like you want to be mean and get away with it

You will see when you are older..... do young eyes not work as well

I will phone you.... yeah right

Its not you its me... ok I have used this on occasions

She is just a friend... hmmmmmm

I will add more as I think of them


Dawn said...

thanks! I use several of these, never realised how daft they are, won't be able to use them now without thinking of you - ugh!! ;)

Pete said...

"she's just a friend?" well she may be. I do have a number of friends who are female who just are friends.

of course us bloke's can be gits as well ;)

"I will phone you" - it means I don't want to see you but I won't say it to your face.

"Its not you its me" - often true regretably.