11 March 2006

Just realised instead of buying blank cd's i have bought blank dvd's!! Darn it, oh well trip to staples, but not now as it is trying to snow at the moment and turned blinkin cold!!!

However was treated to the visit of this chap!!

First visit this year so I my mood has been lifted, he came as I was listening to "the devil went down to Georgia" Havnt seen Mrs blackcap as yet but am sure it wont be long. Thats 2 new visitors this week!!

Oh the grand prix well its an all Ferrari starting grid with jenson in 3rd. Still all to play for, but the Ferrari's are looking strong though.

Have resisted the urge to sleep today as well, as last week I laid down and next thing I knew I had been asleep for about 6 hours! Am feeling tired though, maybe I should take a walk down to staples to wake me up...


Pete said...

Oh nice garden year tick Nic! Haven't seen one at all this year. WAH!!

Anna said...

Great pic Nic! And Pete, at least you've seen one, I've NEVER seen one!