18 March 2006

House hunting

Its true when they say you know if the house is for you within 10 seconds, and the one we went to see today took about 3. Big No, now im not the worlds best at housekeeping but if you are selling a house it helps if it is presented clean, or at least put the toilet seats down so I dont have to see... think you can see where I am heading. For what the house was and the money that would have to be spent on it, I think that it was hugely overpriced, oh well keep looking. So far only one has been the nearly perfect home but would prefer the garden to be bigger and the house not on a main busy road, but I can compromise on these I guess.

Well apart from that watched qualifying which still confuses the hell out of me, buttons 2nd on the grid lots have changed their engines too, so a muddled grid for tomorrow, wonder if I will get up at 6 to watch it, well I will set the alarm and see. I have also washed some of the inside windows but was told I hadn't done it correctly so could not do the others as he will do the rest this week (works every time!)

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Pete said...

get a telly in your bedroom.....