21 March 2006

Ok I tend to moan a lot well so ive been told, so true to form Im gonna moan some more, after all its my blog and I will moan if I want too (enough singing)
Well today has been pretty strenuous for me as I have had a high number of people moaning at me. Now we all get frustrated when things dont go the way we want them too or when things go wrong and I completely understand this and empathise. However please spare a thought for the person you are moaning at after all we are only human and show me some-one who hasnt made a mistake and I will point out a liar! Sometimes systems go wrong and that can lead to upset, I understand this but please just think of the poor soul thats had it in the neck all day yet still manages to smile and sorts out as best as she can do, your problems and sometimes all we can say is sorry...

Maybe I should change my job, sometimes I find it hard to remain apologetic when you are being shouted at called rude names and on one occasion hit. Ok thats the extreme but hey it happens. So please try and stay calm as the calm ones get more done!!


Boo said...

Poor Nic! Been there, done that and covered for the person who was really to blame. Life is a bitch and then we die. Can't remember who said that but it is very true!

Pete said...

Poor Nic