30 October 2007


New phone will be here today! I rang them yesterday and went straight to get the code which you can then transfer your number to another provider as I thought that no way would they give me the phone that I was wanting. Anyway we had a chat and they are giving it to me for free, plus they are giving me extra minutes and texts for less than I am on now! It does mean that I am finally on an 18 month contract which I didnt really want, but hey ho...cant wait for new phone to be here!!!

Long day ahead today as some of you know I am trying Pilate's this evening, not sure what to expect apart from being in all sorts of positions that may or may not hurt but will certainly do something! Oh anon im not going on such a strict diet as 1200 cals, my body would give up on that amount, im more going for 1500-1750 the exercise will certainly help as it tones up the flabby bits and the cardio I do will burn no more than 500 cals of my food intake but I will still be eating lots of good stuff and drinking plenty of water, I drink a lot through the day. Its not a diet where I deny myself treats as I dont want to be miserable but I will achieve my goal by eating good healthy stuff and exercise, after all we are told we should do something for 30 mins each day that gets us out of breath! Oh and exercise also has beneficial affects on my moods, its the endorphin things! But thanks for your suggestions!

Well best get on with getting ready as I was late yesterday as I was being such a fanny in the morning, I sent my boss a text explaining that I was being a fanny, he found it highly amusing, bless....well if I can walk later I will post how it all went!

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