09 October 2007

urrrggggkk more

After a very bad night, decided wasnt fit to goto work today, spent the day on the sofa with a packet of tissues (no not in that way) Day time tv is still crap I see, in the end switched it off and tried to sleep, have had a couple of hours, now I just feel crap again, will have a bath in a bit see if that helps any. Have to be back at work tomorrow as I have so much on and I hate getting behind with my work, I know how daft am I? I have also spent the day eating crap, its odd when you have a rotten cold, I dont feel like eating a proper meal, but can snack all day on various sugar laden items. Hmm that will make me feel good in the morning not!

At least it has stopped raining for a bit, hasnt really stopped for most of the day. I really need to get out in the garden too and get some jobs done. Always so much to do. Might add some more later when I am feeling in a bit more of a positive mood...

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oldcrow61 said...

lol, it's called "comfort food". I do the same thing when I'm not feeling well. I haven't had a cold for some time but I remember how awful they can be. Hope you get better fast.