14 October 2007


I did go out Friday night, I did have a little more to drink than was planning, I went to a club (not planned) and got home about 3 am! It was a fun nite out, lots of laughing and quite a few people out too! Saturday morning getting up at 7 am was a challenge I can tell you. Had a bacon sandwich before work, then spent the day at work drinking coffee and trying to convince myself to stay awake. It was really quiet so not so bad after all.

Bit of shopping after work, got some nail varnish, even though I am crap at putting it on, just goes all over the place, but as I still havnt bit my nails...3 months now! I think I deserve a treat for them. Anyone know how to paint nails? Had to get Phillip to do in the end, he did a really good job, but I need to know how to as well.

Today not done a great deal at all, just chilled out, watched the moto gp etc. Cant believe its going to be Monday already. Phill away for a week in Ireland so im left in charge...yay! Be really nice to have my own space again, who knows I might even end up entertaining...... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Did Phill paint the hammer as well lol.Pauline.