18 October 2007

I hate work!

We have had a new system put in, which means everything I used to know how to do, I now dont! Did my head in yesterday there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to do stuff. It will be good im sure, but unfortunately the training cant and doesnt cover every aspect of the job, so its a trial and error thing.

Went to the opticians yesterday, all ok no change in my eyes, paid my bill then went to boots to get my prescription, saw a sign in there saying free eye tests today, uhm I got charged for mine (ok I can be reimbursed from work but thats not the point), back to the opticians for a refund, how I missed the signs on the windows when I walked in I dont know!! Still at least they just refunded and said sorry, although I was quite up for a fight!

Then for some reason after my lunch I threw the bag that had my pills in, into the rubbish bin, there was a mad panic on my way to netball when I realised what I had done, frantic phone calls, fortunately my boss fished them out of the bin, before they got emptied by the cleaners....phew! How thick am I though for throwing them out in the first place!?!?!?!?

Oh and Jan we are set now to get some autumnal weather, looks quite nice this morning, meant to be cold and sunny during the day, then freezing at night, sun is just starting to come out, but it has turned much colder here of late, small amount of frost this morning too. Still I dont mind so much as long as it is dry! Hope it stays dry today for walking, nothing worse than walking in the rain, getting all soggy and sweaty...ewww!

Still I am pleased to report that I feel quite good this morning, last couple of days ive had a bit of a slip, but im trying to keep going and get on with stuff. No point really in letting it get me down, as some stuff I have no control over and its a waste of my good energy worrying about it. Some times it just takes my head a bit longer to figure this out.

Ah well best be on my way...

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Anonymous said...

Freudian slip, or parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind. So you threw the pills away...