03 June 2006

Back to normal

and boy am I glad!

Well ive been fairly busy today cleaning the house, even did all the insides of the windows, not too many smudges either! One highlight has been Ive bought a new fabric conditioner it has essence of almonds in, smells good enough to eat!

Also I have been watching

  • Blue tit cam
  • most of the day following the blue tits has been sad, think the mum has been killed so a shortage of food has meant that many of the chicks have died, some have fledged and now there are two left, I hope to see them both there in the morning. You can catch up on all the news
  • Wildlife forum
  • . The last link is where you can find me when Im not here. Lots of like minded people who care passionately about the wildlife around them, plus take some fantastic photos...Do drop in and say hello...

    I will post some photos tomorrow of the birds I took today or you can look on the above forum. Well best get hogs dinner ready and put the cams on....

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    Boo said...

    Nic, so sad! Seeing the mother trying to do her best! Poor thing she could do with a helping hand!