02 June 2006

Oh my

Ok hairdressers booked for 5pm, so will leave just before that, going for a chopped off look, not been to this hairdressers before, actually I dont go that often as I have a phobia of them, wont go into detail now as I will get all worked up and then wont go, the last time I had it cut was early December so I suppose Im getting better. Normally its once a year!!!

Then I will dash (well stroll) to staples to get mic thingy or headset whatever there is, back to waitrose as Tesco's on a friday....You kidding me!?!? Get something for tea, plan to be back home 6.30 at latest, get the chores done after Ive stopped shaking from hairdresser ordeal. Start some washing, I may clean the inside of the windows and possibly cut the grass. Just realised its this coming week that Phill is back so best get the house ship shape and all that!!


Pete said...

boofy will be pleased over the mic!

Boo said...

lol, so will Cutie!

Do we get to see the hairstyle?

janine13 said...

I wanna see hairdo!