05 December 2006

Everyone needs good ones!

My early, well on time finish last night was meant to be for phill and I to sort some stuff out. As we got home from the shop, the new next door neighbour was trying to get into her house, she was twiddling the key, but couldnt get in. After phill and I both tried even with pliers, it was deemed the lock was knackered and we would have to call out a locksmith! I had to go back to work as Id left the dried mealworms I had bought earlier, when I got home, new neighbour was safely in our house drinking tea.

Had to wait for locksmith to come out, so about 30 or so mins of polite conversation, when all I wanted to do was kick back and swear about my day! She seems very nice to be fair, quite young though. Well the locksmith came twiddled the key, tried with pliers, even asked what the symptoms were (erm it doesnt unlock ?!?!?!?), deemed it knackered and drilled out the lock, replaced it all for the princely sum of £175! Thats it im training to be a locksmith! At least she got in ok, later on her and her b/f bought us round a bottle of wine to say thanks...aww sweet!

The roof problem is half sorted, phill went up there, apparently where the air vents meet the bricks there is a gap, guess the house has moved over the years. He has filled with that spray foam stuff but has some more to do, or I will have to finish it off. He also went up there, no signs of squirrel beds or chewed wires, so thats one good thing at least. Hopefully he will have time to finish it today, before he goes back to Ireland. Although he will be back at the weekend again I think.

Tyke came last night she finished all her meal, not sure if she stayed over or not as didnt have cam on all night. Imagine she would have though as she hates the wind and nearly jumps a mile high when its gusty as it was last night, as it is this morning too.

Plan today is to buy some christmas cards, write them tonight and send them tomorrow, well thats the plan anyway, I now have to rely on memory to actually buy them! Then post them! So much to do, so much to do!


Boo said...

Sounds like your new neighbours are thoughtful people, kind of them to bring the wine.

Good luck with the roof, but let Phil finish it off, don't want you falling off any ladders!

Christmas, tell me about it. I have yet to start too!

flicker said...

Are you new neighbours only renting nic? Cos surely if so, that would be the landlord's responsibility? And in the words of Gran in the Catherine Tate Show - "A hundred and seventy five quid? - What a f***ing liberty" That is outrageous! What if you havent got that sort of money then?

Anonymous said...

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