02 December 2006

Laughs, drink and blisters

Had such a fun evening, we started off with a few drinks before going to the place we was having the meal. Good frien of mine was going, hadnt seen her for a bit so lots to catch up on. Went up to the place we was having a meal, everyone hit the bar firstly, a lot of drink was consumed fairly quickly!

The meal was ok, not bad for plastic food, the service was ok, fairly quick too, the place was quite full! More wine drunk and some people now were on doubles (not me it has to be said, I stuck to the wine)

After the meal most of us went and sat back in the bar, some however just sat at the table still (odd). Well much more drink was drunk and I wont go into detail about the drunken exploits of my fellow collegues, but if youve ever wondered what its like to feel fake boobs........One chap that went (the only talent that was there) bless him was of course singled out, at one point he was given the job of feeling the girls boobs, after the first one he dipped out the rest, I was in stitches absoloute stitches, dont think Ive laughed so much in ages, my face was actually hurting from laughing at them all and what they was up to!!

Anyway was about 12.30 when we was ready to go home, friend rings taxi, its going to be about 20 mins, so its decided we walk. There is me and two others. My mate who is hammered just wants to get home, she took her boots off as she couldnt walk in them, but had no socks, took my boots off put my socks on her, but my boots back on, ive got some lovely blisters now! Took about 3/4 hour to get her home, left her with a rather bemused looking hubby. Not being that familiar with the streets we of course got lost, trying to get back to town. At one point we were just walking round in circles, I tell you its like a maze round her way!!! Eventually got back to town, new where I was heading then, straight home and straight to bed!

Was a fun evening as I said not laughed so much for ages, but boy did I have a bad head this morning, didnt drink that much either, but im such a wimp now....Also had several texts from my mate asking me if she has any apologies to make..I will let her no over time what she was up too, bless her we were all drunk and there is nothing worse when one person remembers what was done! Mind I cant remember getting into bed, I woke fully dressed this morning, so think I must have just collapsed into bed, mind not suprising seeing as I had walked about 5 miles!!!

Thank goodness the christmas party is only once a year!


Boo said...

I am so glad you had a good time, you should do it more often.

Think you're very mean not to go into details though.

Why must they serve plastic food, it is easy to provide proper meals when you are doing it in quantity!

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm so glad. Would have liked to have been a mouse in the corner at that one, lol.