06 December 2006

Phone sitting

As I left to go back to work yesterday lunchtime, after waving phill off to the airport. I noticed he had left his mobile behind, too late really for him to come back, so I took it to work so I could answer any work calls, plus he would hopefully remember his own number so that he wouldnt think he had lost it and cancel it in a blind panic.

Wasnt that many calls one from his mum wanting his g/f's last name so she could send a thank you card for the gift she sent her. That was about it really. Dutifully when I went home I text the chap he was working with, found the hotel he was staying at and left messages with telephone numbers for him to call. All the while answering texts from his g/f, guess it would be too much for her to find out where he was, so I dutifully passed on all messages, helping the course of true love run smoothly. I figured she would worry if she didnt hear from him, plus it wouldnt be on his mind to call her to say he didnt have phone, he is a chap after all. Im more in tune to how women think and worry when they dont hear from their bloke for a few days or even hours!

It did make me think though. I miss being with some-one, sharing, that feeling when you see them and you get butterflies. The endless staring into space wondering what they are up to or what they are doing. Only thing is, do I miss it enough to actually do something about it? Or am I destined to be loves go-between forever?


flicker said...

Unless you are very lucky though nic, that feeling of butterflies, and wondering where they are and what they are doing doesn't last for long, reality kicks in, well it did in my case, and you soon find yourself getting irritated at all the faults the person has instead of the good things about them. It's why I'm on my own too, I've met and been with more guys than I care to admit, and each one had that feeling to start with, it soon wears off, and then they are just a pain in the arse! I do miss having someone around now and then to share things with though who enjoys doing the same stuff as me, ie, my ex Barry. I've never met anyone else that I have had so much in commom with sadly, male or female. I just need a DIY man now. :)

Anonymous said...

As to a coup de foudre, its a force of nature and you can't do much about it but enjoy it. Its quite the best part of life although the aftermath can be the worst part of life. Just be cool. Don't take life so seriously. Be happy.

Boo said...

Get out there and have a go!

It is worth it, even if it only lasts for a short while.