01 December 2006

tyke left home

Think she is going off now to build her winter nest, trying it out some days. Unfortunately its set to rain today, so hopefully she has made it water tight. Im not worried..honest! Being of good weight and a nice round shape, im confident she will make it through the winter quite snuggly.

Well tonight I will put on my dancing shoes ready to dance the night away, or at least eat too much until I feel like im about to pop! There doesnt appear to be many driving this year as to previous years, so I do hope that the drink doesnt get a few tongues wagging...Ah well Im sure it will be fine, there is talk about clubbing after, think I will give that one a miss though, I actually want to do something on saturday with out holding my head all day, thinking im dying!!!!!

The mark on my hand is still there, the chemist thinks its a burn or a bite, initially he said ringworm, but as it came up over night, he has ruled that out as its too quick. I think its a burn, so looks like im sleepwalking again! Oh god, just as ive got new neighbours too, hope I didnt go and introduce myself, what a sight that would be for them a naked me turning up on their doorstep. Thing is the door was locked when I got up in the morning. But I can remember waking up in the middle of the night the other side of the bed, thinking it was strange. Who only knows what I was up too!!!! Its a worry


martin said...

have you googled images for ringworm - they show a perfect circle mark, one poor chap has it all over his body urgghhhh - not to worry you though but if it is ringworm it will need intensive treatment quickly from what I just read about it; I always wear garden gloves when handling our hog.
PS. good luck tyke

flicker said...

I had ringworm when I was a kid, on my neck, I got it from stroking cows in the field up the road.

Hell if I slept-walked, I would no way sleep with no clothes on! Cant you at least wear some knickers, lol!

Have a great time tonight. :)

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I can just picture you banging on the new neighbors door stark naked in the middle of the night. Not your finest moment. Hope you have a great time tonight.

nicola said...

ive looked at ringowrm pictures, it isnt that, plus the chemist said not too. I thnk its a burn, which is more worrying as what on earth was I up to!

Anna said...

Either way, some neat tea tree oil should sort it out!

If it was ringworm it would feel slightly rough. I had a little spot on my face when Rosemary and Basil had it, but I got some tea tree oil on it as soon as i noticed and it was gone in a couple of days.

Good luck Tyke!