29 November 2006

One of those days..

The ones where you cant do right for doing wrong, everything you do just doesnt work out the way you wanted it too or expected it too. Its been a tough couple of days with one thing and another. Work has been throwing up some lovely challanges, luckily all sorted out. Christmas party on Friday and I dont feel in the slightest bit Christmassy, not even a smidge!

There of course now is the table plan to be sorted Im not sure what is happening there, but there is already talk about who doesnt want to sit near this person or that person. Me I will be quite happy if they serve my meal at the bar! Its not so much the going out, but the problem when you go out with people from work, its very much work, work, work, work and hey some more work, but there are some people going that I havnt seen for a while so will be nice to catch up with them at least.

Apart from that there isnt a great deal happening at the moment, still trying to master a new setting on the camera, but failing miserably, which in turn is making me miserable! Doctors next week for a check up on how the pills are making me feel, not really sure what to tell him there, im feeling more even, but still getting the downtimes, but if I say this they might up the doeseage, not sure if I want that either. Ive kind of come round to the fact that I will be on them for a while, yes they are helping in their own way, but I would rather try and get better myself, than rely on them. If that makes sense???

Oh well best do something, keep myself busy, its the only way!


blake said...

what setting is it you are trying to master on the camera - I can't have it making you miserable I won't stand for it ! let me know if I can help

nicola said...

Thanks thats very kind of you...i just need to practise a bit more and remember a lot more!!!!

Do you take photos too? We havnt been formally introduced, why dont you tell us a bit more about yourself....:)

ABrice said...

>There of course now is the table plan to be sorted

Is it too late to try:

blake said...

don't mind me I'm just a helpful lurker :)

I use a nikon digital slr but also have a little digital compact

perfect table plans ? may I give my congratulations when's the lucky day

nicola said...

erm, lucky day? its for the christmas party!!!

So where can we see photos that you have taken then blake? I like to look at others photos

Boo said...

Glad you are still keeping up with the pills Nic. They must be helping at least a little bit. Nothing wrong in getting a little extra help - whatever helps!