14 August 2007

Rain rain

Go Away!!!

Thought we might be missed by the rain, but oh no! Well yesterday was a good day, got the mortgage sorted, hope to be looking at some houses tonight, there is one that is in the running so far, not far from here and a nice house in a quiet area, hopefully the inside will be as nice as the outside!

Mate came round last night to drop off some cd's, I was about to go to bed as I had another migraine coming on, but managed to stay up and be the in pain host! Still as he didn't leave til late, had fish 'n' chips for tea..yay! Not great for the old diet, but once in a while doesn't hurt! Also hopefully going to get some personal training sessions sorted out. I dont mind my body shape right now, but would like to carry on getting fit, it really makes a difference to me mentally and physically. My breathing is much better and it really feels good to do exercise. So keep walking OC!!

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oldcrow61 said...

I have to admit, after a long brisk walk both mind and body feels wonderful. Hope your migraine is getting better. They can be very debilitating.