27 August 2007

where to begin!

Blimey that's 4 days over in a blink! As I thought Friday was a bit of a mad one, first one with out having work the next day, enough said I wasnt home til 7 am! or was it 7.30? Anyway apart from having a very scarier man threaten me with the police and newspapers...I have no idea why! Oh he also told me he had morals, this was after telling me if wanted to uhm do some thing to me I wont mention on here! Luckily I was rescued and it didn't spoil the rest of the night! It has made me think though that if something is meant to be then it will be. I kinda really like some one and its tough on me at points, but I dunno, if its meant to be then it will be, no point worrying about it!

Uhm Saturday was spent chilling out, lack of sleep and all that! Sunday got the house straight and some other stuff. Today Derrek came over with the mum I rescued, she has stopped feeding the babies so he bought her back to be released. Ive been up and down for the last hour seeing if she is up yet!

There is so much more I could say, but I need to crack on and book me holiday!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!!

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oldcrow61 said...

lol, that was funny about the scarey man. Wish I had been there. Whoo Hoo! A holiday! Bet you'll come back all tanned and buff. Hope you have a great time.