13 August 2007

Monday Monday!

Another brand new week stretches out in front! Oh I have had too put comment moderation on the blog as I have been getting some that I do not wish to have on my blog! I will of course moderate them as soon as I can so comments will show up, sorry to have to do this, but I have my reasons! Hopefully I will be able to switch it off again soon. As I am not around as much the stray ones are creeping in so I think its better like this for now!

Think I will have to get some wellington boots for this week as its set to rain and rain and rain this week. Still not long now til my holiday, getting quite excited about it, still not sure where I am going, got a few options. Im still thinking about the whole go to airport and see whats available. I still have quite a few days to take too, could be another trip lined up later this year...YAY! Probably when hogs are hibernating, its ok in September as I will have a hog sitter again, but later on I like to be here for any young ones that need help.

Talking of hogs, again I will say, please put a bowl of water in your gardens for hogs, if you only do this it can really make all the difference.

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