16 August 2007

House hunting cont...

Well think we have found the one, Sveta likes it (via the Internet) so he has put an offer in, lower than the asking price and they have come back asking for £2k more, still under the asking price. I think that's a good price, but the only issue being as that they will be in a chain and haven't found a house that they like as yet. Phill being a cash buyer is in a much stronger buying place, but we will have to see. He is going to look at the paper today to see if there are any more that he wants to go see, but I think that it will be this house as it is ideal!

Then the part that I'm excited about......all the stuff here is mainly his, which means I get to go shopping for new furniture! How cool will that be! I have a vision of how my house will be, what bed I want, sofa etc etc..Also going to decorate as the house will be empty when he moves out so an ideal time to get the walls done and the woodwork. Its very due of a decorate, it wont be any mad colours, think I will go for a butter milk every where apart from the bedroom which will be a very pale brown....oooo new curtains and soft furnishings too. It wont be all fancy as I don't want to spend a small fortune on it, some will be bought second hand as Ive seen a sofa that's for sale at a steal! Think I will start looking at the w/e

The rain has finally stopped looks like its going to be a nice day today, makes a change from all the wet stuff we have had of late, the birds are much happier that's for sure! Hmmmmm think I will skip to work today, feeling very happy again!

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oldcrow61 said...

Wow, what fun you're going to have re-doing your house. I'm excited for you.