30 August 2007

walk walk walk

A lady I work with 3 years (coming up) ago, got burnt by a fire work, she was in the kitchen at the time, when a fire work went wrong came through the back door, heading towards her daughter. Of course she got in the way and it badly burnt her chest and neck. Well being the brave soul that she is she has got over it, she doesnt have a lot of luck bless her and she now has to have about 10 operations to sort it all out, including a boob reduction and lift!

Anyway, she has been down of late, over the ops and the fact she has put weight on, so ive been trying to help her out with the diet issues, saying whats best to eat and whats not. She really wants to go to the gym, but I think that it will be too much for her chest as it will really stretch it and think it will hurt her. Sooooo we are now walking two miles twice a week, did the first walk tonight, not too far or fast as she hasnt done any exercise for some while so it would be a shock to her legs!

This means more walking for me which is cool, plus will give me a buzz to see that she is loosing weight, getting fit and generally feeling better in herself!

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oldcrow61 said...

That's great Nic, that you are helping your friend. I'm sure it will help her a lot.