20 February 2007

damn it

Every year its the same, I forget phills b'day which is today, he even reminded me when he was home last, at least last year I was able to get away with it by pretending it was a surprise. This year I have used the excuse that as he is away I was waiting for him to come home then I was going to celebrate his b'day then. I wouldn't mind but he told me not to worry my pretty little head about it, which I reminded him last night, but he told me that as my head wasnt pretty I should have worried. Another thing is, he has always told me that he doesnt "do" b'days, but every year I do, I enjoy watching his little face light up as he opens his presents, well he opens them, then asks whats for dinner....

We had a good chat last night about his options now, whether he is going to go to nigeria or carry on with the business. If he doesnt go to nieria it could mean that he could get his g/f over sooner, rather than wait another year. Also there is the option of expanding the business more. People still find it odd that my ex is my best mate, plus the fact that we share a home together, I normally get the comments..oh you must me still in love with him, they dont seem to understand that although yes I love him, im not in love with him, thats the difference.

Well this morning, the wren is in full singing voice..lovely, I often get him and the robin mixed up. Why is though whenever you dont have your camera they will sit on the fence not a foot away from you and will pose like something out of london fashion week, yet as soon as you do have a camera they are no where to be seen?

Talking of models there has been a lot of programmes on of late about the zero sized models with a 23 inch waist, man thats tiny. Of course no one would take responsibility, but designers were saying that they like their clothes to look good and they should move on the body...erm make them bigger? Also there has been programmes about growing anorexia, mainly teens. I can relate to this, as when you are growing up and you are female there is a huge pressure on you to conform to which you are told is the norm, which is thin. I did go through a spell in my teens of wanting to be thin, found the easiest way to eat then purge. Really not nice, but it did do the desired affect, so I can understand why many do just the same. However, its not healthy and even though yes you will be thin,you will look and feel like crap, plus the fact that you could die isnt really attractive.

I do think that clothes designers and makers have a responsibility to promote a much healthier image. Madrid banned the size 0 models, where as london fashion week didnt, but when you speak to most chaps about it, they would rather a woman have curves, more meat on the bones, something to hold onto. I dont think that these women look sexy at all, nothing worse than seeing bones stick out, I appreciate that some women are naturally thin, but when you see them walking down the catwalk and you can see near on every part of their backbone sticking out...it would not encourage me to buy the clothes at all. Its about time more average sized women were used, promoting good eating and healthy lifestyles.


oldcrow61 said...

I've also been hearing about the ultra thin models lately. A while ago "Dove" had an ad with normal size women in it, in underwear. A little roll here a little bludge there. Then I saw interviews with men on the street in the states. Most said things like, it was awful, made them sick, etc, etc. Can you believe it!! I was dumbfounded!

Janine said...

You do too have a pretty little head!