21 February 2007

it went like this..

As I normally do every morning, I wash my teeth whilst looking out the back window onto the garden. It’s nice to watch the comings and goings of the birds. I now have 5 dunnocks in the garden, all fluttering about. This morning I was treated to the wren actually coming down and feeding from the table, and then he was scampering about under the ivy. Next thing I know, Mr Blackbird came hurtling through the garden screeching "Every one hide, everyone hide", (yes I can speak blackbird). Anyway, normally he is always the bird that cries wolf, ive often gone running out the garden when I have heard him shrill, to only find he was complaining about a leaf being in the wrong place!

This morning though he had good reason as the next thing I saw was a sparrow hawk do a fly pass and land in the tree just behind my garden. Phew I thought. The wren that had good sense to get in the ivy was then chirping up (not sure what he was saying haven’t mastered the art of wren language as yet) so I told him to carp it unless he wanted to be the sparrow hawks next meal.

Well the sprawk was in the tree obviously looking for breakfast, got my bins so I could take a closer look, he was just sat there searching, such magnificent birds, but the garden was cleared, nothing about at all. Next thing I know a crow flew across and landed in the same tree above the sprawk and started calling. Now the sprawk just looked up as if to say, you don’t scare me mate. However when more and more crows started to land in the same tree (I kid you not I counted at least 25) he thought better and hot winged it. The crows were going mental, such a noise.

The weather was quite sunny when I came home at lunch, hooray I thought; get some decent photos in as the light is much better. The garden was very quiet, which was because the sprawk was still about, flying over head. The birds that were in the holly tree, kept peaking out behind the leaves, not sure as to whether to risk it or not. Actually I saw a great tit nudge a blue tit off the branch to make him go first poor thing. But not birds were taken. I guess the crows at this point had gone off to work on the fields; I love to see them all fly back together in the evening after a hard day at work.

So unfortunately this meant that there were no birds willing to be out on the table to have their photos taken :( Ah well ive just tried some shots of the moon tonight, so will see what they look like. Ive also been down to b&q and bought some seeds: carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, leaks, parsnips and cucumber. Im really excited about growing all this...I know I lead a sad little life that a carrot feels me with joy!!


oldcrow61 said...

Great story about the birds. The Blue Jays here send out a warning cry when there is a predator around and all the birds disappear in a flash. Of course if the crows happen to be around they go crazy, and if it's a hawk, they try to drive it away.

Anonymous said...

I had that this a.m. too, except 3 blackies were going berserk and sure enuff, the sparrowhawk was on patrol! (Like 'sprawk' btw)

Hardly saw a bird at any of the feeders for the rest of the day...except for those right beside a thick conifer hedge, which is a marvellous hidey-hole. I have seen the 'sprawk' hit that at full speed, but the hedge is too dense!
Talking about the big birds 'ganging up' one of the funnist things I ever saw was a Falconer Demo at an agricultural show. The guy released a young female peregrine...who did her usual swoops and turns and took the offered bait... then a flock of herring gulls spotted her. She bolted, and the poor falconer was last seen climbing a 50 foot tree to try to persuade her down!!!

I do enjoy your blog Nic

Oggie Den

nicola said...

thanks den you have given me a giggle