01 February 2007


Really feeling tired today, not been a particurly long week, or hard, just feeling old! Guess its the lack of sleep, yet still mainting activity levels. You know when you have so much racing round your head, but you cant make any sense of it, cant put it into a logical order thats just how I feel right now. Sometimes I find myself drifting off into fantasy world, where life is perfect and exactly how I want it to be. Until of course I realise that I have some one sat in front of me talking too me, have to ask them to repeat it of course as I havnt heard a word.

Where I work and live it is a community, rare in towns these days, a lot of my clients do just come into natter or have problems, ive been helping one this week an elderly lady, ive helped before. However I didnt realise the extent of her problems, poor cow, poor cow. She rang me today to give me an update on whats been happening, luckily it seems for now to be sorted, but I do worry about her really I do, bless her, she wanted to tell me as she thinks of me as a true friend, nearly filled up on that. She is a lovely lady that has had some real shit lately, shit she didnt deserve at all, just makes me wonder what else had happened to her that she hasnt told me before really. Makes me so sad that what has happened to her has, so very very sad. Still sometimes its just nice for some one to be listened to, to be asked how you are or whats going on. Its nice when a friend is being a friend.

Anway, decided to go back to docs tomorrow, not really keen but I need to, Im not right plus he can tell me more about the results that I got back as I do not understand them at all! Shame its such an early appointment, never mind an early night wont do me any harm, just be nice if I didnt wake up 2/3 times in the night sweating like a sweating thing.

Found out about this years incentive scheme, not bad really not bad, will get paid monthly too, so no waiting for ages to get the bonus..hmmm be nice to get extra in the paypacket. Also payrise coming up soon. All I need is to tighten the purse strings until the end of feb, then who knows!! Still got some plans in mind, but need to work on them a little more, actually got a few things im thinking about doing.

So plans for the w/e? Dunno really dunno, think it will be local as I cant think of anywhere else to go! Need to do some office work, but not a great deal so that shouldnt take me long at all. Hope for nice weather, maybe a walk up on the fields see whats changed up there, or maybe a morning feeding the ducks? Or the number one choice right now, a weekend in bed! How lovely would that be, sleep and chocolate!!!

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