28 May 2006


I am ever so grumpy today, well in waves to be fair. Was fine this morning through to dinner time and some of the afternoon. But now Im grumpy. Possibly the fact that im indoors and would rather be outside, I did try but blinkin pollen stops me from being able to breathe. Wanted to go for a walk, didnt get very far til I had to turn round and come back. Now I have a banging headache thats all in my back teeth too as my sinuses are blocked. Ive given in and taken an anti-histamine pill so am now feeling groggy. Possibly doesnt help as I think that wonderful time of the month is soon to be upon me. So I want to just get into bed and wake up when all this summer stuff has finished. Sorry to those who enjoy the summer time, I do too just when it gets me down I long for winter again.

Anyway, Im trying to download an episode of lost, its from a sexuploader site, so who knows what I may get.....hmmm that has put a smile back on my face! Other things making me smile are the numbers of birds in the garden today, loads!!!!! At least 4 sparrows now too, so ive stocked up on some more bread for them (20p each). Plus also the first fledged blackbird too..ahhh so cute, plus all the usuals.

Thank goodness for windows!!!

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janine13 said...

Hey Nic, I suffer from allergies too and I use a nasal spray that works very well, maybe you could try it. They probably have it over there although the trade name might be different-prescription only, called Nasacort AQ (triamcinolone acetonide).
Great pics the last few days btw!