01 May 2006

If at first you dont succeed get an old credit card and spit on your fingers

Ok fixing the tiles today, they just need re-sealing or so I thought. Got the old stuff off, nearly taking the end of my finger too. Horrible stuff! Off to B & Q (wonder if they do a loyalty card) Faced with so many tubes of silicon, I choose one that doesnt need a gun. Also see some silicon strips thinks that may be easier so buy some of that too, plus a new shower curtain..pvc not material.

Get home read some of the instructions and start to seal. Now the gap is quite big and really I should take off the tiles and re stick them, but as this will only be a temporary fix til June, I think sod it, it will be fine. Put sealant along get wet sponge to try and make it neat goes everywhere. Now ive got sealant all over my hands, try to wash off...oops big mistake now hands are sticking together, try to unstick hands whilst pushing tiles back on to wall (they have decided to fall off). Damn they wont stick and Ive got no tile adhesive. Think think think.

Come to front room to look for something (get laughed at by some one on yahoo) Ah! I know Super Glue!! Yes got a tube. Go back to tiles and break lid on superglue tube, now superglue mixing with sealant on hands. Super glue tiles to wall. Yay its stuck (wonder how long for). Try the sealant again, but im making an awful mess with it. So far Ive ruined one sponge, one towel and my salad bowl I had put the wet sponge in.

I turn my attention to the strip stuff. This must be easier surely. Cut a strip try to fix in place. Doesn't stick, press harder but it keeps sliding about. Try some more superglue..still doesn't stick. Think I will come back to it later.

So Im now in tears of frustration. I think of people I could ring, but then think of the mess Ive made in the bathroom and could not stand the look of either sympathy or hysterics.

Have a cigarette. Come back in to a remark "who said men were useless". This spurs me on. Im thinking again...oh I remember when Phill did it last he was spitting a lot, I will try that. Plus if I use an old credit card that should scrap off the excess without getting it all over me.

Go back to bathroom, clean off all the old stuff and start again. Silicon on spit on fingers to smooth (hey it works) use card to scrape. I know not very lady like, but hey its working. Wow this is working a dream!!!! All tiles are now re-sealed lovely and it looks a good job too.

The morale of the story...if at first you don't succeed grab an old credit card and spit on your fingers!!


Boo said...

Ha ha Nic, so funny! Glad you found a solution. I must remember that one!

Pete said...

open a bottle of wine to reward yourself.

Pauline said...

well i think you'v done a wonderful job, best way to learn is to have a go, and when it goes wrong have a rest then go back, and your so pleased now, well done.