03 May 2006

Oh what a long day its been, was awake at 6 wide awake and no matter how much I tried to snooze I couldnt then when I did I panicked as I though I had overslept. For most of the day at work though its been fine, but sometimes it really affects me. Now I know most people think that those who work in banks are faceless and hide behind the bank. Trust me most of us do care and can be affected by people situations and do try to help where we can..

Came home (late again) and was such a lovely sunny evening, loads of screechers flying above the house, redheads, greenies sharing the feeders..The redheads are now starting to eat the thistle seed again, thank goodness as the sunflower hearts are going down at an alarming rate! Supposed to be warm again tomorrow too, hope so my mood generally improves with the warmer weather. Its much nice also cleaning the feeders when it isnt dark with a torch in your mouth!

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Pauline said...

yes, it has been a nice day, lovely to see the sun , makes us all feel so much better.