20 May 2006

Oh dear Im lost!

I managed to cut the grass today, it had got fairly long so was a bigger job than I had anticipated. Of course this set my hayfever into spasms leading nicely to not being able to breathe...Finished the job, quickly clean the bird feeders and restocked them before coming in the house and collapsing. Its a good job I got my ventolin thats all I can say!

After the attack had eased some what, helps to have all the windows and curtains closed! I watch the dvd Jan sent to me (thanks)..5 episodes of Lost, it still bothers me and I have so many questions, yet I still find it addictive to watch, so will have to hunt the next episodes, or ask Jan to tell me what happens!

Then I did some jiggerey pokery with my finances, I work 2 months in advance. I have managed to find some more ways to reduce my credit card bill each month and should get it down to £280 per month, which isnt bad considering I use that for everything, my food, hog food, bird food,cigarettess, household cleaners, toiletries etc etc...so I am at least happy with that!

Its now chucking it down,torrentiall rain, typically as I had washed the shed roof, also typical as I hadnt bought the cams in, ah well too late now. I was going to clean out the hog boxes today, but considering what happened earlier I thought against it.

All in all a really lazy day, I did pick up my books to start revising for my exam which is thisThursdayy (eek) but I couldnt get into it. I have set aside 2 hours tomorrow to read through it, unless I of course get sidetracked with some thing else!!!


Pauline said...

What a nuisance that hayfever is, you can t get on with your jobs in the garden when your feeling like that, lets hope it gets better soon.

nicola said...

yeah it will be better about september time pauline!!!! Dont mind as long as I can get some jobs done. The eydrops are working a treat, no more itchy eyes WHOO HOOO. It just means I do the gardening at night or in the rain!

Boo said...

Two months in advance!!!!

My son (no 1) suffered from hay fever so I know what you are going through, however after a while it went away, now it is back!

Anonymous said...

Just think how much money you will save by quitting smoking. You know it makes sense.

nicola said...

well anon...I have thought abou that and I now find myself with none in the pack...hmm shall I give up today?