24 May 2006

Having a break

from study.... got home just after 3 pm, had some lunch then thought about hitting the books (literately). Took me a while to settle down to it, after I had topped up the bird feeders, checked emails etc. Eventually I made a coffee and set to it. Now after 2 hours I have decided to have a wee break as I have so many facts and figures going around in my head, I was reading the page but nothing was registering. Ive never been good at revising, through out my gcse's I didnt revise much at all, even with a revision plan!! How I managed the results I did I dont know (2 a's, 1 b and 5 c's!)

Now though I have something else to worry about. The exam is at an external centre so I have to take ID with me...ie passport or driving license...hmmm cant find either of them OH CRAP!!!! Im trying to think of the last place I saw them, but head full of exam stuff. Deep breathes, ok will have another look in a bit. Will also check the weather for tomorrow, knowing my luck it will be hot and sunny so hayfever will attack me too as well as a frantically searching mind!!!!!

Ok I will look again for passport...hang on..I last had it when I was going to the post office so it should be with the poa stuff...nope not with that. 10 mins have now passed, house upside down, no passport it must have been stolen!! I have just found £5 though, and more wild flower seeds. Getting distracted from the task at hand...Oh where is phill when I need him, he would know where it is..fuck fuck fuck its really not here!!!!

successs!!!! Plus I didnt have to phone russia!!! It was hiding among some othercorrespondencee stuff in one of the filing cabinets, what it was doing there I have no idea....peace restored best hit the books again....


Boo said...

Good Luck for tomorrow Nic, I am sure you will be alright! Glad you found your passport.

Pete said...

no sun tomorrow nic - rain so no hayfever

Pauline said...

well nic, I thought it was everything in its place, and you are a real tidy person, so what went wrong with the passport lol.
All the best for tomorrow, hope you pass with flying colours, I know you will.