11 April 2007


The computer has a very annoying problem at the moment, it keeps bloody crashing! Manged to get an error code from it, so now I have to search to find a fix for it, seems to have started happening ever since the last windows update....its quite annoying.

Hogs arnt eating as much lately, think they have other things on their minds, which is good, be nice to see hoglets again this summer, just wish I had a few more females instead of all males. Tickless hog is defiantly much happier now and is joining in all of the battering thats been going on. I havnt recorded through the night of late due to this pc problem, when I get that fixed I will start again and get some more hog action!

My hayfever is starting to get a pain too, think I will have to get a pump sooner rather than later, as my breathing is some what more difficult now. Makes taking photos more interesting when Im having a sneezing fit! Oh how I suffer for my art ;)

Oh well best be off, got the dentist this morning, the last time (I hope) Ive spent now at least £600 there, that really hurts, still never mind its done now, no point in moaning about it....


Jan said...

I kept getting two error code messages after last weeks windows update too, not crashing though,but it turned out that something had buggered the sound system on here (Realtek) I didnt know about it cos I have the speakers turned off anyway. The forum I belong to gave me the fix straight away, apparently it happens to thousands! Let me know if you have bother, the guys on there are brilliant for advice and help.

Good luck at the dentist.

Anonymous said...

I still hav nt had my root filling done, but when I do it is going to cost £600, it is a lot of money.

st said...

ta for link,